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  1. @Sunaikinti Your example is great but my Linksys WRT32x isn’t cooperating with me. I can set a static ip on the 2nd router and put it in the DMZ on the XR500, however, the LAN side of things is where I get stumped. The 2nd router is showing an internet connection through the XR500, but after connecting to the 2nd router with my phone, I get nothing. This is more frustrating than its worth. I have about 15 devices in my home and I just wanted them on a second router. I appreciate your help. Your directions are very clear to understand, but for some reason it’s not complying. I know it’s my fault, but nonetheless it’s frustrating.
  2. Long story short, I wanted another router as a single access point for everyone in the house to keep the number of devices down on my device manager page, however, after linking the 2 successfully and giving WiFi through the Linksys router, all the devices connect and have internet. The problem I’m having, is that all the devices still populate my XR500 device page. They just say LAN instead of WiFi. Am I doing something wrong or is that what it’s supposed to do?
  3. I guess I will have to call them back. They tech said they have it setup to work automatically, but who knows.
  4. ISP provides a dynamic IP address with IPv6 in my area, called to verify IPv6 availability. My netduma is setup for IPv6 in LAN and WAN. Misc settings have link local IPv6 checked as well. Full restart with modem countless times. My setup is basic, with modem, Netduma and my Xbox one. I tested my connection online for IPv6 and only shows IPv4 connectivity. The Xbox one also reads IPv4. I have unplugged the Xbox one to reset the cache. I'm clueless after stalking the net for answers. My only guess is my ISP is lying to me lol. Thanks for reading.
  5. Hello, I would like to upgrade from my current 1.03.3. i have my router ticked for remote access. Thx.
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