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  1. The Duma is what is causing the network slow down with PPPOE.... This is with the XR500
  2. So would you recommend 7sing it straight into my ONT with PPPoE or a modem then Xr500?
  3. I have an R1 and no modem at the moment connected direct to my 400mbps fibre ONT... but was told (on here by admin) the R1 is not optimised for PPPOE and my ethernet speeds are poor... so what's my options? I cannot game ATM because my speeds are so terrible and if I put my ISP supplied router online before the R1 I cannot get OPEN NAT...
  4. My ISP uses PPPoE... if I buy an XR500 will I still need a modem? Is the XR500 optimised for PPPOE and will I receive full speed on the ethernet?
  5. Is the xr500 optimised for PPPoE? Was thinking of upgrading to this but need to know first... I don't want to spend £250 and have the same issue..
  6. That's odd... why does the Zyxel using PPOE give me my full 400Mbps down and not the R1
  7. Again...... when using the DUMASOS on the R1.... I DO NOT USE THE ZYXEL... the R1 is plugged straight into the fibre ONT THER IS NO ZYXEL IN THE SYSTEM... I only plugged it back in to show the difference in speeds
  8. I connect direct into the Fibre ONT Like in the link I posted earlier....
  9. Not me not me...🤣 even I know about conflicting IP addresses with my lack of 'techy' knowledge 🤣
  10. I am not using the ISP supplied router in the network... just the R1 I plugged the ISP router in last night purely to show the different speeds! 🤔
  11. This is a link to my ISP's router settings how I have mine at home... I have the fibre to home setup https://kcom.syn-finity.com/fa/?&label=qed00646 With Zxyel VMG3925-B10B
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