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  1. Still not able to access your router. Remove R1 from DMZ. Then can you port forward 1024 - 60,000 TCP to the R1 on your ISP hub please. I'm not sure what else to do Fraser, I dont have an ISP hub or DMZ, the duma is plugged straight into my cable modem. I have factory reset the duma and made sure remote support is ticked, nothing else is turned on. Please try again.
  2. Word! The Team doesn't push out the FW like a drive thru, this is self service. The people who are asking for help are following the directions, posted in the OP, by Fraser.
  3. If you're connected to a modem you should be okay. Can you remove any port forwarding restrictions/port forwarding/upnp from the modem please. I removed all port forwarding and turned off upnp.
  4. Could not access your router, can you make sure your duma is in the DMZ of your ISP hub please and that you definitely have remote support ticked. I double checked that remote support is ticked. I'm not sure how to get the duma in the DMZ of my ISP, I am just connected to a cable modem. Do you guys have a guide for that? The only thing I could find was this. I didnt have upnp enabled, so I went ahead and did that. Thanks for your help!
  5. I have remote support ticked and I want to upgrade . I am showing I am running 1.03.3.
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