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  1. Download NameBench and run the test. It will give you the best DNS servers for your connection. Mine actually came back as and (Google).
  2. Yes you can add them to each device but IF you have several devices it is much easier admin to have it populate through DHCP server settings. I have found that I do get a better response by using external DNS on devices.
  3. When a LAN device, PS4 for example, receives an IP address from the router using DHCP it only populates the PS4 DNS to the router IP address. I want my devices to use specific DNS addresses, not the router.
  4. Is there any particular reason there is no option to setup DNS servers in the DHCP settings?
  5. Yes, in the game there is a ping indicator but I believe it is at a different level due to when the Duma shows a ping at 20ms the game shows 32-48ms.
  6. I am using Chrome but I am wondering if the listen server or dedicated server is allowing ping and that is the issue.
  7. Yes I am getting in game but it won't always ping. I would have to say maybe 30-40% of the time this is happening. It was happening last night and I was playing solo so it wouldn't be a group issue within the game. With the lack of communication from the devs I am no confident in what they mean by "servers all over the US" especially when I have only been connected to East coast and West coast AWS servers. However they do say that IF there is a load on their servers that the listen server system would kick in. Now that could mean a user is the listen server and their router doesn't allow ICMP too.
  8. I have not had issues getting in to a game quicker but with their issues I basically have to encompass the US when I am with a group because it will put my friends in to a server that I block so I am kind of screwed that way. Even IF I am the "host" of the group it will still do that. There is something wrong on their end that is splitting the groups. I have always had Strict Mode checked. Ping assist is not available yet on the XR500 (at least that I know of) I didn't know about the timer or needing to be out of the game. Thanks for that info.
  9. I play America's Army on the PS4. There are issues on their end but I am trying to eliminate any on my end. They claim there are dedicated servers all around the country but I have only see East and West coast servers. The problem is though, even though Auto Ping Host and Strict mode are enabled I am not always getting the window showing the ping graph and server address. I know they are using Amazon AWS so I don't know if that is the issue. Maybe they are blocking ICMP? For the record AA Proving Grounds has several network issues that we the users cannot "fix". But any ideas would be appreciated.
  10. I have not gotten the security error and I have not added anything to the white list. I don't know why it has gone away.
  11. Yes it is a gaming router but it also acts as your network firewall. If it wasn't, why have NAT, UPnP and so on, just let everything through? I would also think that there isn't a single person that has a router wouldn't want threats blocked before they could even attempt a hack. I don't want to speculate on what users use on their networks, most may use nothing that they access from outside their home but I know more and more people are with security systems, cameras, media servers, SAN devices and so on. Those ports are typically forwarded which means those ports can be probed as open and someone can try and access the device. My personal experience is China probing port 3389 which is NOT a good thing! Fortunately I have a unique setup with strong passwords on top of it so I was "covered" but you never know.
  12. I am coming from an EdgeRouter so bare with me. With the EdgeMax we could script and use CLI for some setup. Before I purchased the XR500 I was monitoring my EdgeRouter using PRTG and noticed a lot of probing from Russia and China which got me to think I need to just block those IP blocks. There is no "easy" way to do this in any interface but someone had written a script to do this, it was a lightweight and I set mine up to run every couple of days through a cron job. Is there a way something like this could be implemented for NetDuma? Here is the site we used in the script to get the Emerging Threat IP addresses. https://iplists.firehol.org/ EmergingThreatsScript.txt
  13. I have "Share Access" checked. Thanks Fraser for that answer. **Edit** On the DSL page you can change some settings and changed it to test using HTTPS and I am reaching the proper speeds. "High Priority" and sliders at 100% "Always" "High Priority" with sliders at 95% - I have a feeling this will be my "sweet spot"
  14. Just running some tests to give people general information and try to figure out my best configuration. Cable Internet (personal NetGear CM600 cable modem) 300Mbps Download (usually see 350Mbps) 20Mbps Upload (usually see 25Mbps) Wireless disabled due to having an AC WAP. This may change performance if the WiFi uses the main CPU, I have not looked in to the full specs of the Netgear. I know ASUS has a separate CPU setup for the WiFi so this needs to be taken in to account. All QoS settings Disabled (Still received an A for BufferBloat and A+ for Quality) Curious as to why not reaching 350Mbps from DSLReports when getting it from Speedtest with same settings. These tests would be much more accurate if the tests had equal results. With Anti-BufferBloat enabled Changed Anti-BB to "Always" Adjust sliders to 90% (still on "Always") The XR500 handles my connection pretty well even without QoS enabled. Granted, for some reason, DSLReports was not getting close to what Speedtest gave me in terms of download so that could make a difference because Speedtest doesn't show me BufferBloat results and DSLReports isn't reaching a true indicator of what my connection is. The best thing, so far, is the GeoFilter. It has shown some serious issues, to me, with America's Army matchmaking, server selection and allowable connections to their servers. I am sorry, have players around the Midwest, connect to an East server with a player from Colombia and Saudi Arabia is going to cause issues! I still have not figured out why developers don't understand basic physics or are they just so arrogant that their algorithms are perfect? But this tool is the easiest way to troubleshoot for users. For now, I will be keeping my sliders at 100% (with Speedtest,net speeds entered) , "When High Priority" selected because the NetDuma seems to handle the load just fine. I would think, any cable, internet under 300x 20 could do the same without issue. I never saw a BufferBloat grade less than A, even with no QoS enabled, that is huge for gamers! Me not using the XR500 for WiFi needs to be considered with these findings. Using WiFi may take resources of the CPU that are giving me my results. Definitely VERY happy with my purchase.
  15. Currently I have my XR500 only using 1 port for my LAN and a Dell6248 behind it for my devices to connect. I also disabled the Wireless on the XR500 because I already had a very good AC WAP setup. I am debating having my consoles bypass the switch and go directly to the XR500. I am running some other tests to see performance differences but the one game that I have been playing has network issues that, as good as it is, the NetDuma cannot correct.
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