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  1. The Problem is the double NAT. I decided to get a separate modem to get around this problem. So you can close this request.
  2. I am using the VPN Server (not the Hybrid VPN). And yes, this is the config file generated by the server and which is being imported in the client application. I only change the Server IP to the DynDNS hostname (xxxxxx).
  3. Yes, I was aware of this limitation. Potentially this is also the reason why the bridging between the two subnets does not work. The default configuration only uses tun: client dev tun proto udp remote xxxxxxxx 12973 resolv-retry infinite nobind persist-key persist-tun <ca> ....
  4. No, I can only ping the WAN / client address ( I can neither connect to the first router at!) and also not to the target LAN at 192.168.0.x. I have tried pinging all possible addresses. Using routes in the client config did not change anything. What about fixed routes in the XR500?
  5. Yes, it gets the IP of the WAN port - which is in a different subnet than the LAN I want to reach. Currently I am experimenting with "route" and "iroute" in the client script ....
  6. I managed to setup the VPN server in the XR500 and can connect through OpenVPN using my mobile devices. The VPN connection is also showing up in the logs of the XR500. Looking at the mobile device settings I can see that I end up at IP address - which is my WAN port address of the XR500. My local LAN is however in the subnet 192.168.0.x - which means to me that the access point of the VPN is not after the firewall, but directly in front of it. I can punch port forwards in the firewall, but this would completely defeat the purpose of the VPN connection. How can this happen? I would expect that the VPN connection would end up in the LAN subnet? Could I for example use an additional line in the OpenVPN config file: route
  7. Hallo, falls jemand Interesse hat, ich verkauf mein R1 für 100 Euro + Versand. Info per DM. Alles komplett neuwertig und in Originalverpackung.
  8. Could we please be notified when the DumaOS for the R1 is ready? Any mailing list? I just want to avoid looking into this salty forum thread every week - Thanks!
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