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  1. hay fraser yes both of my ps4 are set to playstation for device type but it still was giving me the destiny pc but after you talked about the device manager. i deleted both ps4 under the geofilter then set both of my playstation to computers then logout, log back in and set them both back to playstation and then added them back to the geo filter and everything works great now thank you guys for the quick help
  2. thank you for the quick reply i've tried that a couple of times i even label all my connected device and double checked them to make use i have the right one i click add device pick my ps4 then click next then pick destiny pc then done it was working until i add the destiny profile on the map section maybe that was the issue?
  3. been using the r1 for a long time and loved it and i love the new dumaos so many new toys to play with. i noticed after the new update the geo filter does not ping the host server or the p2p anymore i loved that (was the second reason i got it) i love to see the game i'm playing tring to put me in a room across the world and knowing i wouldn't be put in the group and i love to be able to see the ping of the group i'm in. in its current state the geofilter is useless to me, no information at all just a map with a red circle and a line going around in it. is it b/c of the new profiles? what are the profiles doing? with the new patch my games have been umm (insert bad language) hit detection = crazy bad, lag = bad not crazy bad but bad, some games are better than others. why? i don't know b/c that information is no longer there for me to see! maybe i'm doing something wrong (im a male we do it all the time. don't tell anyone) i have a ps4 pro . i play destiny2 (now you know y i'm on tilt) geo filter set to destiny /Pc and profile set to destiny i've tried filter on and off i've tried spectating on and off i've tried auto ping on and off i've tried strict on and off thank you for your time and your great work
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