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  1. I have notice that my XR500 constantly drops my internet both hardwire and WiFi having me to have to reset the router. On my phone I get disconnected from WiFi and on my Xbox I get a message saying “Can’t connect to your DHCP server” any setting adjustment to help prevent this? Is there anywhere we can find info on the progress of milestone development 1.3 for the XR500? Thank you for your time
  2. Will there be free software upgrades included with the XR500 similar with the R1? Will the XR500 be getting the anti-jitter feature? Is there ISP compatibility restrictions with the XR500 like the R1? Currently using the TP-Link TC-7620 with the R1 but I also have the Netgear CM600. Thank you
  3. I have one friend who I can not add to my game or join a party with, he’s definitely in the radius of my geo-filter but for some reason we cannot join a party together unless a third friend add us both. I know for sure it isn’t a NAT issue since both his and mine are both open. Is there any possible solutions to this? We are both on Xbox One. Thank you for your time.
  4. What ports are you using under hyper-traffic? Are you port fowarding instead of upnp?
  5. I just recently purchased a new ISP (TP-Link TC-7610) after I call my service provider to register my new ISP would I be able just to swap the ISP's or are there any settings changes I would need to do to the DUMA or the ISP in order for it to function correctly. Thank you
  6. Wish I've seen this sooner too, I had a non recommended ISP when I purchased the Duma so I purchased another ISP and it looks like it's also not recommended as well. What's the difference between the TP-Link 7610 & 7610-E, which one is better?
  7. I seem to have a open nat in BO3 lobby but not on my Xbox...
  8. I dont think my ISP has a DMZ since it's only the modem and not a modem/router
  9. I currently have the Netgear CM600 as my ISP and it's only a modem, do I need to disable the upnp? I'm currently using upnp on the Duma. Is upnp better than port forwarding? I currenly have IPv6 disabled on the Duma LAN, WAN and Misc. do I need to also disable it on my ISP? I apologize if my questions are dumb, im not tech savvy at all. Thank you for your help
  10. I love the Duma but to this day I haven't been able to achieve stable settings for BO3! It almost feels like I've spent more time trying to figure my optimal settings instead of playing the actual game! Having a full-time job and two kids doesn't make it easier. When I'm off of work I just want to come home and have the best gaining experience possible! The most frustrating part is when I search BO3 stuff in the search engine to find a possible solution I come across videos of others achieving great smooth gameplay and thats awesome but very little to none info or tips on how others can achieve similar results. Last night I gave up after once again finding myself in laggy lobbies...I hope the new Duma OS helps fix my problem and is more user friendly. I'm not trying to hate or offend anyone just stating my personal experience with my Duma from someone who has no clue about networking.
  11. Dude that's amazing gameplay! Would be able to share your Duma settings? I know that what works for you might not work for me but at least it's a start in the right direction. At this point since purchasing the Duma I can say I've spent more time on the computer than actually playing the game trying to mess with settings only to achieve mediocre results, not going to lie I'm a little frustrated at his point. Thank you for you time keep up the good work!
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