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  1. Great stuff, sounds good. Looking forward to trying it as I'm still having intermittent range and wifi drop out issues. Hope all is good and Happy Birthday for the other day!
  2. Hi Fraser, Is this firmware later than 3.0.138? If so, can I have it too pretty please? Cheers in advance!
  3. Hi, The way I got it working in the end was to connect the mini box to the network via ethernet cable. I have a switch in the same room so it wasn't a problem.
  4. Christ what happened to this thread!? 😂 Hopefully the update drops soon. Remember, if it isn't out it isn't ready. It'll be released when it's good to go folks.
  5. Hello folks Still having some issues with wifi, even with the firmware Fraser sent my way to help fix it. It seems to play up when using wifi for a prolonged period of time. Zoom calls for example drop out a lot. If I switch to lan its fine and I'm well within range of the router. I'm sure the next firmware will help but wanted to let you know. Cheers
  6. Hi Fraser, I know there is a suspected issue with R2 WiFi at present but mine too is dropping out fairly regularly on phone and laptop. Did you say there was a temporary hotfix we can download to help with the issue ahead of the next firmware release? If so would it be possible to have a PM sent to me with that info? Thanks so much. EDIT: saw the hotfix link above, is that the one? 129?
  7. The above posts are an embarrassment Fraser. I know you have to remain diplomatic but the amount of reserve you have to show here is incredible. Keep up the fantastic work and thanks so much for responding to users so quickly when they have faults or queries, it doesn't go unnoticed.
  8. I've disabled strict mode yep and I'm on PS4. I had a hybrid vpn enabled which I've disabled, and that appears to have improved things a bit. At the moment I've just drawn a long rectangle across europe and the UK over to North America, ha! Seems to be OK, just doesn't seem as reliable as it used to be. I can imagine it's a nightmare for you guys, all I ever hear is how much of a crazy network architecture Bungie use for this game.
  9. Hi Fraser, I've tried the polygon method but to no avail. I just get honeydew errors or when it's about to load into a game, it'll boot me back to orbit, most likely due to a player in the lobby being outside of my 'allowed' geo filter. Am I right in thinking D2 is causing issues currently with the Geo Map Filtering? I remember when I used the feature in the early days of D2 on the R1 I would set my radius to be the UK and Europe and then would have to manually click on any servers that popped up and say 'Allow' (set them to 100%). You also provided some cloud settings for D2 servers which I can't see how to implement on the R2. Is this an issue at the moment? Should I just leave the Geo Filter disabled for D2?
  10. Correct. Everything is working swimmingly. Thanks for your help.
  11. Hello all R2 D2 users! I have noticed that there do not appear to be any default settings for Destiny 2 built into the geofilter for the R2. I have tried the polygon tool around a few of the servers but I keep getting 'beaver' errors when loading into the tower or patrol or any activity. Has anyone got a setup working with D2 on console for the R2 that allows you to use Geo Filter without being beavered? Thanks in advance!
  12. The only thing I changed was to make the SSID of the wireless 'NetdumaR1' so all my old devices would connect to it (or so I thought). Is that the issue? I've tried forgetting the network on my mac and then re-adding it and that didn't make a difference. Ahh, a restart of the Duma appears to have fixed the issue! I think I'm there now...
  13. My R2 has just arrived and I can't get Internet when connecting to my Sky Q router. It previously worked fine with the R1. How do I find my R2 wan IP to add it to the DMZ of the Sky router? Previously it was shown on the R1 under device manager I believe. Where is it on the R2? To add I get no Internet at all on any device connected to the Duma R2, regardless of wired or wireless connection. My sky router definitely has Internet connected but I just get 'resolving host' when trying to access any Web page from a device connected to the R2 and the R2 setup said no internet connection was detected.. UPDATE: I now get internet on a device thats wired to the duma r2 but no internet on any device connected via WiFi.
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