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  1. so after last night (before the replies) i just factory restarted my netduma. i figured i would start from scratch. the xbox is now saying the following Current Network Status Wired IPv4 & IPv6 Nat Type: Strict Double NAT Detected xbox.com/xboxone/DoubleNat All services are available the device manager in netduma is still showing it's detected another router, but the WAN ip address i tried putting in the DMZ, but not sure if it's working properly with my ISP router. i'll probably have to call and see if it is or not. once i put the netduma in the DMZ this should work, correct? i also disabled geo filter, and disabled upnp forwarding in settings--> mis
  2. so I'm taking out the NetDuma from retirement, but i'm running into problems again. i hooked up the netduma to my modem/router from my isp. i put the netduma in the DMZ, but i'm still getting xbox one saying i'm strict, and UPnP not successful... what am i doing wrong? now it's saying NAT type: Unavailable and underneath (all on xbox one) saying xbox,com/xboxone/Teredo if anyone can help me out with even getting the netduma to connect the xbox one to the internet i would greatly appreciate it.
  3. i understand, but i'll see what happens with just the 2 devices using the modem directly vs the netduma. i only play at night when she won't be using her computer to work. Everything else will be connected thru the netduma. she already made me change the setup so the netduma is directly connected to my modem/router from the isp again. i put the netduma in the dmz, and i have an open NAT right now. i really like using the congestion control so hopefully i haven't lost total control of that. i understand that the netduma can't control usage if it's not connected so i'll keep that in mind for all other connections. thanks.
  4. my netduma is on top of my enterainment stand (made of wood) and i have an open floor plan. i used a wifi analyzer and changed the channel to least congested. nothing wireless is near my router, besides wireless capable devices, besides xbox one, ps4 and roku, but those are inside my entertainment stand. all connections are automatic, and no static ips are set. i changed to psk2 are you suggesting i make the netduma a DHCP server? my router will hand out ip address? i did all the turbo off/on, and pre vs reactive on etc.. seems like alot of get this thing to work. so you're saying if only 2 devices are connected straight to my modem/router that congestion control will not work? even if they're not on? i guess it's still worth it for only host filtering...
  5. what i've done is this, and keep in mind it's alittle of a process, but works for me. 1. I hard wire my laptop to one of the open ports on my netduma, and go to congestion control 2. I put my upload and download as appropriate after running a speed test on speedtest.org, and have upload and download both set to 100% 3. I then look under device prioritization, and find my laptop, go to both upload and download and untick share excess. 4. I go under upload and mess with with bandwith allocation and i start with lets say 3, then save the settings. 5. I go back to my laptop and go to DSL reports (just google) and run a test to see what my blufferbloat grade is, and you're trying to get an A+, and don't worry about the other grades 6. After i get a good ping on my upload, i go back to congestion control and start playing with my download, and going back to dsl reports and run the test again until i get a low ping for the download too. if both are good pings then you should get an A or A+. 7. After you get the blufferbloat grade you want then go back to congestion control and write down the values/numbers for your laptop upload and download. (so if upload was at 40 and your download was at 45 for instance) 8. reset the congestion control so everything is back at default, and apply the same numbers to your xbox or ps4, and remember to untick share excess. I have done this and ran a multiplayer test on my xbox one and had 0 latency, which i would usually get around 100ms latency. also other things contribute to "lag", depending on what kind of tv you're on as well. i run a benq 27inch monitor which is pretty low. not sure if i explained this well, but my host filtering has helped out too. i get it to 30ms, and my range is just on the east coast.
  6. so i posted awhile ago about my netduma wifi signal just dropping all the time. I rebooted my netduma, and changed the channel etc. i'm still having dropped wifi issues, and even hardwired it will say i'm connected, but no internet. it's weird because i have a couple of things hardwired to the netduma, and when i'm not getting internet on my laptop, my other laptop will have internet... our phones are connected to the netduma as well, and when the wifi drops, sometimes my hardwired connections still work, and visa versa. it's really just not consistent for me, and for a $200 dollar router i'm expecting a pretty consistent connection. I did a test and switched my netduma an old router i had, and haven't had any problems. I plugged back up the netduma before leaving town for a couple of days to see if the netduma would act right, and still just dropping connection, even hardwired in. it will say it's trying to connect and it's hardwired in! my question is i can't trust the netduma for regular everyday routing functions, but i do want to keep it just for gaming. I'll have to go back to my regular setup, so this is what i had in mind. 1. go back to my isp modem/router- so important end devices can get reliable connections 2. connect my netduma to my isp modem/router, and have not as important things connected to it and hardwire my xbox to it as well So i'm basically asking if the netduma will still do it's job if i'm connected to my isp router/modem, and only have a couple of things connected directly to my isp's router/modem, and have majority of everything else connected to the netduma... does this make sense? I only want the important stuff connected because my wife works from home and she doesn't have the time to keep fighting with the internet connection (which of course is more important than gaming lol) thanks guys. just to clarify i'm only going to be having 2 devices connected to my isp modem/router, and everything else will be connected thru the netduma.
  7. TP link modem 7610 Physical connections to Netduma: 1. Modem 2. Xbox one 3. Netgear powerline 100 (just bought due to the connection drops) 4. ps4 Wifi connections: 1. 3 laptops 2. 1 desktop 3. 2 tablets 4. 2 phones (wifi when at home) congestion control config, is all default. I only change it once i game and only for my xbox one. reactive settings with 150 download and 20 download.
  8. So i've been trying to get this router to work properly, and i'm having trouble with the netduma. it's suppose to be a router, and yes it is, but for me it's not acting like a good one. the netduma keeps dropping connection to devices in my house, randomly. it happens all the time, and not even once in an hour, but more like every 30-40 seconds, so the wife is constantly getting dropped off the internet. She works from home, and i'm having a hard time justifying why we should keep the netduma. i already unplugged the router and reconnected it, but it's still doing it. should i not use the netduma as a router?
  9. Thanks for the response Fraser. I ended up buying the TP link 7610. I have my setup as Modem TP Link 7610 >> Netduma >> wired to xbox one (along with wifi enabled for other devices in household). I'll be honest, i'm not seeing a difference in gameplay at all. I usually do pretty well, and still do. I do lose gun fights when i don't think i should (like a player seems like they're seeing me before i see them) I also play on an Benq 27 inch gaming monitor so my response time is pretty good. In congestion control do i put my bandwidth as what i'm getting on my xbox, or what i get on my laptop when i do a speedtest? i pay for 200 down and 20 up. xbox one says my download is around 130 and upload at 15, and latency at 97ms. seems like people with lower internet speeds get better results via lag compensation, correct me if i'm mistaken. I'm not sure if i'm able to "trick" the netduma in congestion control to say i'm getting lower speeds than i actually do and adjusting the download and upload values, and seeing if i can manipulate my download and upload speeds.. not sure if this is "cheating" or stupid... heck it may be both, but wanted to know your thoughts. thanks in advance.
  10. so i have (pay for) 200 download and 20 upload. so you're saying untick everything under misc tab, and put on pre instead of reactive? also for the upload and download would i put 200 for upload and 20 for download? i'm just not seeing a difference from my regular router to this one as far as gameplay. thanks.
  11. sorry it's late, but now for some reason i can't connect to infinite warfare. I can't seem to get in a match at all now. not sure if it has to do with me drinking and messing with the netduma settings, but i even expanded my search area and still no dice. i configure the router on the fly, and i'm assuming it's instantaneous once i've made changes....
  12. i just ordered the modem you suggested. should be here in 2 days. i'll update when i have it installed
  13. now when you say ping issues, you mean like when i have my host filtering at 30ms and i have it strict and it still connecting me to players with higher ping?
  14. sorry jus sorry i just checked the link. looks like this router is good with the service i get.
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