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  1. Went ahead and continued more troubleshooting steps, got my Unifi PoE injector to turn on the r1 with its power brick and the Netduma turns on. I've had this Netduma R1 unplugged for the past few days as I went ahead and just plugged my Belkin router back in and figured to try another power source. Same SSID, same if I plug it into WAN and connect to LAN or it's set a while ago SSID, it still has internet access, can't login to the interface because I don't remember the login. I hold the reset button till the lights turn on and then back off, hear a beep, open google search to run a one minute countdown, it's still on the same old SSID, and the interface login is still not admin/password. I've made sure before that whatever this R1 had before for firmware version was 1.03.6g or somewhat before updating to DumaOS beta previously, and DumaOS beta was working perfectly fine, I was able to see that you could add modules, I saw a pie graph of the free space, etc. I've played around with adding port forwarding rules and setting DHCP ranges. I simply kept the interface login admin/password so I'm not sure if someone else played with my R1. I've googled information about this router board and there's another bridgeable spot on the bottom of the RouterBOARD that can also be bridged to reset or a way to connect to the RouterBOARD Boot and try to netinstall. I hadn't tried these steps before, but email support is simply only offering to give me a coupon for another Netduma router, my R1 is out of warranty, and to make me have no choice but to wing it and see what will happen. I don't know if Netduma has a custom bootloader in these routers but with how support goes for old hardware, it really is getting me nowhere. MicroTek Netinstall: https://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Manual:Netinstall MicroTek Jumper Hole Reset next final steps that I'll be doing: https://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Manual:Reset I just want to make steps for people to follow who are into networking hardware such as me who are willing to keep products running for as long as possible. I don't need the new Netduma router because our internet speeds here are still slow to even be worth it to upgrade to a different router. I'll update this post later once I can if any of these steps helped me reflash dumaos onto the router or any way of getting this thing to actually factory reset or reflash.
  2. Can't find where I change my email on my account to just remove +netduma from my email, but here?
  3. No update yet, checked Gmail with 'from:netduma.com', only see this forum chat.
  4. Can't send email from a +netduma but have sent one from my email without +netduma
  5. I've went ahead and unplugged the Netduma and plugged it in far away from the original location that no device should be able to connect to WiFi. It's still booting up with the same SSID that isn't the Netduma default after waiting a minute, pressing the button for 15 seconds, letting go, lights flashing after holding it 9 seconds in, and beeping about two seconds after I let go of the button. Checked my phone and it's still the same SSID in the list, I don't see Netduma R1 as the SSID. I've went ahead and left it there for another minute, unplugged it, brought it back, plugged it in for the internet. Was able to get the login page using http://dumaos/, tried admin-password, nothing, just reloads the page to empty boxes, click cancel shows Authorization Required Tried again by plugging my laptop directly to the netduma and disabling the WiFi from the laptop button, WiFi disabled, ethernet plugged directly to one of the LAN 1-4 ports on the Netduma, http://dumaos/ shows the page, admin-password still does nothing for letting me login. I've also went ahead and sent an email, hadn't gotten a reply yet.
  6. By any chance, does the Netduma cancel the factory reset button if a device connects to wifi after it beeps? We do have lots of wireless and wired devices, with the Netduma being plugged to a WiFi bridge with Unifi NanoStations and a few Wyze cameras that also connect to the Netduma WiFi. I've only been connecting to my Netduma R1 via WiFi and through the other side of the WiFi bridge for my PC which is plugged into ethernet on the Netduma and the WiFi bridge is made using two NanoStations. There's no double NAT, Netduma handles all the DHCP.
  7. I had been able to access the DumaOS login page before and I left it default at admin/password. It was working fine for the past month or so till I heard Netduma was releasing another DumaOS update that I tried to login and think someone else changed the login on the Netduma. I was sure that I kept the previous version, following step by step about versions since I'm still able to use the internet on the Netduma with it's WiFi. I just simply can't get the Netduma to factory reset so I can connect to the interface. It's still working fine right now, r1, dumaos,, and there's internet connectivity that sometimes grind down to a slow halt at random, can't check the settings if someone played around with device prioritization. Since I've updated to DumaOS long ago, I don't remember what the previous Netduma R1 firmware was before I did the update to DumaOS.
  8. I'm starting to think I'm having the exact issues this person is having. Had unplugged the Netduma R1 two hours after you responded about 'residual power' so it's been unplugged for the past 24 hours now. Practically all the same efforts as this person's post.. Pressed the pin so many times, all lights blink, the Netduma R1 does blink all lights, you hear a beep, but it keeps booting up with the already configured settings, it.. wont.. factory.. reset.. Had it unplugged for over 24 hours now, really hated how slow our internet was with the thrift store router, plugged it back in, tried a reset first time after leaving it on for 2 minutes, hold button for 10 seconds, lights flashed before I let go, I let go and it beeped. I wait, same SSID. Tried logging in to http://r1/ or http://dumaos/ or all show me the login page, tried admin netdumar1, admin password, netdumar1 netdumar1, and what I've set the password to myself and none let me login. Repeat the process by holding the button even longer, it beeps, I just use http://dumaos/ since it loads. To the point that I'm holding the button UNTIL it beeps which is over 35 seconds. Still not factory resetting and showing the configured SSID I put long ago. It's not resetting the WiFi SSID to what the knowledge base says it'll do. The only information I have is that the router was set to have remote access off so port 7777 is closed (woops if that would of helped) and that I have toggled IPv6 on. I have signed up for the DumaOS beta earlier this year and installed a DumaOS version, hinting that I can access http://dumaos/ and see the login request. I've tried both a PC, laptop, and a mobile phone to type a login into and nothing will get me to the interface for me to update to the more latest DumaOS.
  9. The troubleshooting I'm trying to do. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000094903-how-to-factory-reset-the-netduma-r1-using-the-reset-button I don't know the login to the Netduma, I've been trying to login with anything I can remember but it keeps reloading and showing 'username and password'. I've even tried the default username/password and it won't login. I've pressed this button many times by now, heard so many beeping and the wifi 1-5 lights all flash and go away, etc. It's not resetting the SSID name nor the login. All I do know is that this R1 has been updated to one of the DumaOS versions, but not the latest beta this month. WiFi does work and so does ethernet but it's very slow and I've been trying to reset this router thinking someone else on my WiFi messed around with the Netduma since I didn't change the default login once I updated to DumaOS. I've been having to wait minutes for several pages to even load so I'm trying to factory reset it, set a login this time, and do the update to beta, but the R1 wont do the factory reset. The router SSID isn't resetting to Netduma R1, it's still 'Kim ------'. I can connect to the WiFi or ethernet, I can't get this R1 router to factory reset so I can login. The reset button DOES beep, and the wifi and 1-5 led's DO blink but it's not resetting even after waiting 10 minutes after clicking the reset button. Is there a way to flash firmware through USB or something? I'm stumped and port 7777 is closed. Here is ipconfig, all I do know is that I've disabled remote support thinking I didn't need it and also turned on IPv6 since our modem supports it. TL;DR The reset button is making the lights flash and beep after letting go of the reset button, but the router only acts like it reboots instead of restarting to factory settings so I can login. The Netduma doesn't factory reset, the reset button keeps acting like a reboot button.
  10. Is there any way to reset using USB or what this hole on the bottom with two pads? I'm getting annoyed of listening to beeps and this router not even resetting.
  11. The reset button isn't broken because the router is beeping after I let go of the button and the wifi and 1-5 lights all flash on and off while I was holding the button. But the Netduma R1 wont reset to the defaults, it's still on the SSID name I've set and I still can't login to the interface because it's 'incorrect'.
  12. Still being unresponsive to even factory reset, it keeps using the same old WiFi SSID. It won't reset. Unplugged it for 10 minutes, held the power button for a few seconds before plugging power back in, let it boot up for two minutes then held button for 30 seconds, saw lights blink, ACT was flashing, solid, flashing etc, let go, heard a beep, waited for it to boot up for two minutes again and it's still the same SSID I've set. It's not resetting. I can connect to the WiFi still, can still ping the webpage for the login, I can't get it to factory reset so I can do the update to the latest one beta and the wifi keeps acting up slow that I have to use LTE on my phone.
  13. I've tried holding the reset button directly from the steps on the knowledgebase, hold till the lights flash and let go and hear a beep. I've then waited 2 minutes after but no new WiFi, same wifi name and unknown user login for dashboard since its not admin/password. Tried holding it for about 60 seconds, saw the ACT light flash on and still holding, let go and it beeped later on but still booted up normally, no new WiFi and still cant admin/password login to the dashboard. I'm not sure if when I turned on IPv6 settings to run might of messed with it? Going to try holding it again for 30 seconds for a beep and not using it for two minutes to see if it'll make a new WiFi name again.
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