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  1. This happens to me everytime I play. I have to do the exact same thing.
  2. 1. XBOX X 2. All game types and both core and hardcore 3. R1 with new OS 4.USA - east 5. Unable to find games and the games I find are usually high ping and laggy. I have to be invited by friends to play. All was good until the last game update. The game is unplayable at the moment. I guess I will go back to the original OS until this gets resolved.
  3. I have the same issue. I can't play unless someone invites me to a party. I actually see people pop up in my geo-filter, but I get kicked back to the menu. and spectating mode does the same thing i deleted everything from deny and alow and I finally got into a game and connection quality in these games is awful.
  4. I am having the same issue. I can't find a game anymore. I get the same message. I can only play if someone else invites me to a party and they search for games.
  5. I am guessing this is why my games are so inconsistent. The shoot first, die first is real.
  6. When I play Call of Duty 4, my ping is always around 50+. Are there any suggestions within duma to help lower this? I am on the east coast and have to use Comcast for my services. I currently have 150/6 speeds. I have my state selected and it's set at 70% 70%. I also enabled bloat to always on. I am also on the new OS.
  7. Question: What should I set the download and upload cap too? I had 70% for both on the old OS. I play on the Xbox x, crappy Comcast service and play mostly call of duty.
  8. The only issue so far was figuring out the default password, which was password. HA! So far so good. I will spend some time on it tonight, but it looks good out of the gate.
  9. any suggesting regarding black ops 3 issues? I can't connect to the server

    1. Cajun72


      If you wait a few seconds the number at the end changes I think to .825 at the end then you can go online. It's a know issue.

    2. toadie09


      I had to reinstall the game twice for this issue to be resolved. This is what xbox suggested and it worked.

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