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    Scrizzy reacted to RL317 in Please read this everyone now for cod mw2019   
    My pleasure. Most will prefer to just pick a preset and forget about it, but I know there are quite a few tweakers here on the forum lol. I was only inspired to take a deeper look into it once I read Scrizzy's old post asking for help with customising rules for hyper lane, and once I learned more about how networking works on CoD I learned how to find out what was going on in our games with Wireshark.
    I don't think I'd have gone to such lengths if it wasn't for A7Legit's swearing on hyper lane making all the difference with the quality of his games! Of course if you can find just one or two ports that are vital to the experience we have in games, it makes sense to place a higher priority on those than any others. 
    If anyone here wants to do the same kind of testing, it's a piece of cake if you're on PC. If you're on console, you just need to bridge your connection from R1 to console through a PC by going to the Network & Sharing Centre, clicking change adapter settings and then left clicking one your ethernet adapters (or WiFi if you're using both), pressing shift and right clicking the other to give you the option to "bridge connections". Then you just download and open Wireshark, wait for it to scan for interfaces, and click on whichever connection leads to the console in use. It's a pretty cool trick for those like me who enjoy in-depth testing. 
    Before I'd even heard of Netduma, I used this in AW to figure out why connections were atrocious when Sledgehammer Games claimed "ping is king". Wireshark proved I was spending most of my time connecting to the Seattle server on the west coast of the US, which speaks volumes when you live just outside London. Of course if I had a Netduma, it would have been a tad easier getting that proof
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    Scrizzy got a reaction from RL317 in Please read this everyone now for cod mw2019   
    This is the level of specificity I have been looking to achieve for quite some time.  I feel like it is more effective than just putting ALL console/game packets through the hyperlane.  I want to identify the specific game traffic ports being used for essential data (player movement, game assets, etc.) as opposed to stat tracking, voip, etc. and prioritize only those. 
    If you could figure out how to set up the manual port rules in the advanced settings for traffic prioritization/hyperlane for Black Ops 4, that would be awesome!  The traffic prioritization advanced options in Duma OS are not intuitive at all, so some guidance would be helpful.  Certainly worth a try for the little extra boost it might give.
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    Scrizzy reacted to RL317 in Please read this everyone now for cod mw2019   
    Thanks for bumping or I never would have seen this. This is a great idea.
    It took me forever to find out the network monitor showed ports in use, but once I discovered that I used it to put the hyper lane to good use. If you don't like the idea of a preset which includes a range of thousands of ports, you can use it to create useful advanced/manual rules. I don't really know for sure what choosing a one way rule (for example UDP 3074 destination) really did on the old firmware (is that like setting source to 1-65535?) but CoD and Battlefield games, for example, don't send and receive game data over just one port - you send from a fixed single port, but the receiving server port will always vary. For example in CoD the player will be designated 3074, while the server port would range between 30000 and 50000:

    The new traffic prioritisation feature on DumaOS is great but you can't set it up properly if you don't know which ports you're trying to download traffic from lol
    I've tried rules like destination 3074 source 30000-50000 but it doesn't seem to work; you either get a very small amount of traffic being prioritised before the "light" goes off in game, or you get both upload and download packets being prioritised which, frankly, should be impossible if the destination is your console (download). 
    I've gone back to old firmware (1.03.6) myself while I do some more testing and monitoring of ports in game, because my connections in any game on low pings have been nothing short of disgusting. 
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    Scrizzy got a reaction from thegaurdian1 in Why do I have such shit hit detection on bo3   
    This really isn't true.  They all have horrific hit detection. Treyarch games just have a longer time to kill (more base health = more bullets), which is actually preferable for creating a skill gap in gunfights.  And I personally much prefer their games.  But longer time to kill exposes the bad hit detection inherent to all COD games.  When you kill someone in 3 bullets in a IW game, you are less likely to notice how completely off the hitboxes and hitreg are...
    It also isn't just about picking hosts, because even on the dedicated servers, the hit detection issues are significant.
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    Scrizzy got a reaction from CleanSlate in Black Ops 3 Hunted Amazing Hit Detection   
    I'll take some of that..lol.  Please share (privately by all means)
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