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  1. THANKS FRASER hopefully that'll be it
  2. Ok that seems to be working.... It is a shame the pppoe isn't working ATM as the original firmware did. Also on the modem should I disable DHCP and UPNP?
  3. but wouldn't that cause double nat?
  4. So I've put the sliders at 100 and clicked on "disable QoS"
  5. so ive done some testing and spoke to BT and it turns out it is something to do with the R1 I will attach speed test with both r1 and just the bt router. funny thing is the connection benchmark on r1 is showing the 74mbps but is not letting it pass through even with qos and Gio filter off.
  6. Ok I have done it but the speed has only gone up to 60mbps. This might be my network from the isp so I'm gona wait a free days and see if it improves before coming back here. Thank you for your help🙏🏽
  7. Yes in fact I just noticed on any duma os my speeds are slower. I've posted a new thread I'll share here. https://forum.netduma.com/topic/35661-lower-speeds-on-dumaos/
  8. Hey so I've been using the original firmware for years and have had no issues with speed (I am able to get 80mpbs down) but after upgrading to the duma OS (both V2 and V3) My speeds are caped under 25mbps. My current setup is a tplink modem connected straight to the R1 on pppoe. Also I find it strange that the connection benchmark is reading at least 74mbps speed but my browser does not on my pc and neither does my phone on my WiFi mesh Network (they are all connected to the R1.
  9. thank you for the reply but where do i enter the mac address?
  10. so I've been testing the new OS beta but I realised the PPPoE settings do not stick (if i enter them they do not register and disappear if I reload the page). it works flawlessly on the 1.03.6j firmware but that firmware is so outdated in features that its becoming off putting. i am using a TP-Link TD-W9970 on modem mode. any help would be appreciated also my netduma says "R1 debug version 1.03.6j running on rb-951g-2hnd" is it normal for it to say debug?
  11. Hi guys Like the title says I need help setting up the TD-W9970 v4 in bridge mode. The modem works fine in normal mode and DMZ but when I turn on bridge mode (vlan id 101) but the netduma refuses to connect to the internet. I type in the pppoe details (username: [email protected] and password: BT) but there is a third detail required called "service" and I've never seen thatentioned anywhere in other forums posts. Also the pppoe details don't seem to stick once I enter them (if I load the geo filter page and come back to the settings tab everything seems to have reset to the "DHCP" mode and not the "pppoe" mode. Any help from someone experienced would help. FIY I didn't have to do anything with VM as a ISP (just turn on modem mode and enjoy)
  12. Hey does it matter what firmware I'm on? DumaOs or not?
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