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  1. If I remember correctly these are the webpages that were in use before I noticed it: www.google.com (to search for dslreports and netduma forum) www.facebook.com (with messenger active) www.dslreports.com (speed test) forum.netduma.com The upload high priority was only about 18 packets, I can't remember what the download packets were at. steam may have been doing something in the background (system tray) but I'm not sure. I use kaspersky anti virus which may have been doing something in the background as well. Let me know if you want any other details. I would love to be able to help track down the bug.
  2. I noticed that my laptop was classified as xbox and saw that high priority traffic packets were increasing due this. I manually changed the classification and no more problems after that. Also it classified my printer as a computer so I changed that as well. So far it seems to have resolved the smart connect issue I was having on the last firmware where I experienced very slow wifi speeds while smart connect was enabled.
  3. The link should be fixed now in my previous post. Feel free to google search 5g and 5g routers as well. I believe it's supposed to use 28 GHz so I'm not sure how it will be affected by weather and such. But assuming that it works as some predict and everyone playing COD has more than enough bandwidth and ping of 1 ms, would lag comp no longer be necessary? Very true.
  4. Not sure why you think 5G has to be limited to mobile networks. Here is one example: https://www.pcmag.com/news/352121/first-look-at-verizons-5g-home-router I'm not saying xbox can give a bad line a good connection and yes I agree everyone's connection plays a role. I remember reading something a while back about how xbox live uses NAT that discussed something to do with allowing players to connect to other players rather than the server if it was more beneficial. I can't seem to find that article in google searches so I will withdraw that statement. I'm just saying that turning off high priority traffic and leaving anti bufferbloat off as well seems to be better sometimes. At least in the overall long term testing that I did with Black ops IIII beta and WWII. I made some guesses for why I think it may have helped but I certainly don't know for sure. Maybe it was placebo but try it for an extended period and you might find that it is actually better overall.
  5. As I said I think it maybe an issue that only affects certain devices. I pay for 300 down and get that when connected with ethernet cable. Connecting wirelessly I can only get close to 300 down if I turn off smart connect off and connect to the 2g network. I'm sure this is not an issue for most people but for some like me it is. Will Netgear exchange my router? The answer is no.
  6. I would leave all other wireless settings to the default. In my testing changing the implicit beamforming did not produce any noticeable effects. It is supposed to help the connection with certain wireless devices. I had the same issue with wifi speeds and that is what fixed it for me. Keep in mind you won't get full speeds with wifi and 2g has a lower limit but if you need full speed then you should connect with a wired connection. I'm not sure if it is a firmware issue or hardware issue with certain devices but 5g is broken on my router as well. Luckily 2g is plenty for my wireless devices plus it provides longer range over 5g anyway.
  7. Turn smart connect off and connect only to the 2g network and see if that helps.
  8. First of all I would like to hear opinions about the implications of 5G internet on gaming and lag compensation. From what I have read, 5G is supposed to offer gigabit internet with no more than 1 ms round trip latency. If that is true and everyone has less than 1 ms ping would that make the need for lag compensation obsolete? My best settings at the moment (Call of Duty on Xbox One): Disclaimer: My wife went out of town for a couple of weeks so my network is not as stressed as it normally would be. But it allowed me to do a lot of testing for the first time since I got the XR500. Leave all settings as default except: 1) Uncheck (turn off) all high priority traffic even the dumaos classified games. 2) For the Anit-Bufferbloat sliders, click apply Never. Just try it for an hour or more and see if it helps. Extra tip for call of duty, don't set your sensitivity too high. Maybe I just wasn't good enough for high sensitivity but it seems to me that hit registration improved when I lowered my sensitivity from "very high" to "high". Note that I'm a more cautious player so the reduced sensitivity is less of an impact than it would probably be for an aggressive player. Move around but don't rush is my battlecry. Reasons why I think these settings make an actual difference and are not just a placebo effect: 1) When you have good hit registration you can feel it, the gun is more accurate and powerful and most of all gun fights (even the ones you lose) feel fair rather than WTF? moments. I still have matches that don't go so well but it feels more like the other player was just better rather than why is my connection so crappy this match. 2) Although using the DumaOS recommended QoS settings did seem to give me a better connection (at first), it would only ever last a couple of matches. I think this is because of Xbox's NAT and connection sharing techinque but I'm really not sure. From what I understand, if you have an open NAT and a good connection then players with a bad connection can borrow some of your good connection to make the playing field more fair. This of course reduces the quality of your connection. So my theory is that the DumaOS recommended settings give too good of a connection, Call of Duty notices and starts pimping out your connection without your permission. I'm not nearly tech savvy enough to go into the details but research how xbox uses NAT and you should be able to find more details. Okay there, I've given my 2 cents, now criticize or applaud, and tell me what you think.
  9. Are you playing somewhere far from any servers? I would think you should have 4 green bars if you are connected to the modem. I always had similar issues with the bars and hit registration when using the geo filter and/or setting the sliders too low. Odd thing was that even with geo filter in spectating mode and claiming that my in game ping was 15 ms, i would get 3 bars and noticable actual lag (players running in place, skipping around, etc.). I would recommend leaving the sliders at 100 and turning off high priority traffic and see if your game improves. Also try refreshing the flower settings.
  10. As Netduma Admin said, don't worry about it if you have no issues with your online gaming. If online lag is worse on your xbox compared to your sons then I would keep troubleshooting. Xbox One X seems to have some quality issues, I just had to send mine into microsoft to repair a faulty HDMI port. I have not tried the xbox one S but I have tried both the OG xbox one and xbox one x and the latency is the same. From what I have read in the past the server that all xbox's check during the test is located in Seattle. I live in Illinois and and get about 46 to 49 for latency. When I lived on the east coast (Virginia and South Caroline) my pings would be in the high 60's to mid 70's. I would try going to advanced network settings on the xbox and go to alternate mac address and clear it. This will reboot your console and is often what I do when my xbox is acting sluggish.
  11. Tried your advice in the PM but that made it worse so I undid that change. Upload speeds are reasonably close to what they should be but download seems to be the main problem since they are less than the upload during speed tests. That really should not be the case since I get 300 down and only 25 up. Sometimes I can get around 70 down but it comes and goes and is still less than 1/3 of the speeds I should see. Checked wifi analyzer again and router seems to be selecting the least congested channel. I really don't have too many strong wifi networks nearby though. I don't normally disable WMM but I did try it just to see and didn't make any difference in my tests. I used to do the factory reset by using the button on the back but after the second or third time I did that (during previous firmware upgrades) the button got broken so I can only do it from the admin settings now. I did not try to load any saved settings when I reset to factory, I always just adjust the settings I need to (such as qos). I left all wifi settings as default but when I didn't get expected speeds I tried changing some different things. Some made it worse and some made it a little better but nothing has been able to give me anywhere close to the 300 down that I should be able to get close to. I have tried with iPhone 8 and gaming laptop with ac wireless adapter. I will try to see if I can get the router to do a factory reset using the button on the router but can't try to fix that now because family is using the internet.
  12. The Anti-Bufferbloat did reflect my new speeds. As far as congested channels, I never had a problem with them before. The problem actually seems to be fixed now. What I did (out of curiosity) was enable the guest wifi and ran a speed test on that. Speeds were much improved so I disabled the guest wifi and tried a speed test again and now speeds seem to be proper. Weird issue and fix but I suppose that stuff can happen from time to time. Thanks for the support Fraser! Out of curiosity, any idea when the next firmware update will be and what it might include? (I'm always curious) Edit: One hour later and wifi speeds are suffering again. Upload seems stable but download is less than half as tested with iPhone 8 and gaming laptop with AC adapter. Is there a wifi analyzer that you recommend? I used windows wifi analyzer and see no issues. I really don't think that congested channels is my issue but I will follow your troubleshooting tips as suggested. Again, the router is updated with my new speeds.
  13. I just upgraded my internet from 50/10 to 300/25 mbps. Ethernet speeds are normal and working fine but wifi is way off. Running speed tests with default router settings gives less than 1 for both up and down (tried 3 different speed tests multiple times on both laptop and cell phone). I tried this with the default (let the router decide between 2 and 5 G), then I tried separating frequencies and tried each one with both devices. Surprisingly the 2G did better than the 5G even when standing next to the router with all of my other wireless devices unplugged to minimize interference. Speeds were always 50/10 before but after upgrading internet speeds the wifi seems broken. I did a erase settings from the admin menu and then did auto setup. Router detected the correct speeds and as I said before ethernet speeds are correct. I verified the default settings were as expected. Then I tried to disable qos but that did not help so I turned qos back on. What settings should I change from default to try and correct this? Thanks in advance.
  14. What ISP do you have? I have the SB6183 with comcast business internet and ping plotter results and actual experience in game are both bad.
  15. I have came to the same conclusion about the geo filter. It probably helps certain people with certain games and certainly gives anyone more control but with WWII I have noticed no benefit to using the geo filter. Just curious if you have experimented with the nat filtering setting under settings -> setup -> WAN setup -> NAT filtering, it may be a placebo effect but I noticed slightly better hit detection when I set it to open rather than the default secured. There are many articles online that say it interferes with certain applications such as certain games. Of course it comes at the cost of reduced security but I personally will take that risk for better hit markers.
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