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  1. It won't let me play any games unless I include Virginia. Been doing this for 25 min with no luck.
  2. I am playing Apex legends where I can pick the St. Louis server yet the Duma tries to connect to a server in Virginia every time. It does the same thing on PUBG any ideas what is going on here?
  3. I won't be going with this router as I don't think its a hardware issue.
  4. and the XBOX is showing connected to the LAN even though I unplug the Ethernet cord from the console and sometimes will also get stuck offline and if it does not recognize the gaming console. What is the point of a "professional gaming router"?
  5. Thanks for the info killhippie I have seen you on some other posts comparing the two. At first I did notice the XR500 range and speeds seemed better but after multiple back and forth testing it has been really all over the map for both routers. I agree with you on pretty much every thing else and I do want to stick with the XR500 but when the device manager does not recognize devices and there for does not add them to the network monitor. I have to question if the router is even working efficiently as it should or the whole thing is a show. Here is my screen at the moment showing the PC I am on right now showing as offline and does not show any traffic on network monitor even if I use it to use a lot of bandwidth. Maybe I should just drop Netgear all together. Asus?
  6. Network Monitor: Yes, when the device shows offline there is nothing for it in network monitor, but how can you be sure of the accuracy or if network monitoring is even working when it can't even ID all the devices using bandwidth? PUBG: People say there multiple servers but it only connects me to Virginia. If Virginia is not in the filter I will never get into a game, then I can put a 50 mile radius on Virginia and it connects me. I realize this has nothing to do with NetDuma. Can QoS, Anti-Bufferbloat, or traffic prioritization actually make gaming worse or slower? It seems like it operates better with all these off, I usually have traffic prioritization always on by default but don't really notice a difference. I think what I am going to do is run a test with the network just saturated and try to play some games and see I can notice a difference. Is there any known bugs with device managers that IT is aware of any working on? I feel like I am noticing problems that IT is not aware of. Any firmware updates coming? Would like to stay with the DumaOS but the way it is operating at the moment I am thinking I rather have the cash in my pocket.
  7. Thanks Fraser, that is what I figured but one has to go back and the DumaOS software does not work. The device manager does not recognize the devices so it does not list them in the network monitor. My QoS is disabled, because it slows down my speeds and was basically told with my speeds makes sense to turn it off. Geo-Filter is off because PUBG only has one server in Virginia and GOW4 does regional filtering. I do like the look a lot better but I am having trouble justifying the difference for the software.
  8. So I just purchased the Nighthawk X4S 2600 7800 and from what I can tell is this is the same exact hardware for $120 less. Am I missing something or is this the same hardware with the DumaOS?
  9. Yes, If you reboot the modem it works correctly for about a day then gets stuck in offline. Device manager does NOT work
  10. 24hrs later I am on the XBOX and same issue it is showing the XBOX offline, Also the PC is not showing on the device manager. So it's on multiple devices again not showing as being an active device. Being that it is not active the network monitor cannot be working as it is showing no data flowing to these offline devices. I believe the OS software has some issues.
  11. Changed the channel went up to around 40-50 Mbps but still seems slow when my connected speeds are around 300. I also replaced the R1 with this one one of the reasons being the WiFi was supposedly slow and 50Mbps was the same speed I was getting on the R1. Also came home today and for the last hour the internet on the LAN is gone now. just no internet flowing though the LAN. Was working fine last night, any ideas on this now new issue?
  12. Came home for lunch popped on the XBOX and it wont connect to the internet, Via Ethernet. Was working fine last night. Both WiFi signals are on and the port lights for the ethernet are all lighting up but no internet flowing to the LAN. Unreal!
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