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  1. XR500? What is the point of the allow/deny button if you have to block 4000 servers? I see a ton of threads on Apex have your team found any solutions for this game on server select or is it pretty bad? I ask because this is pretty much the only game I play at the moment.
  2. I posted this in a different thread yesterday. Is there a way to add an entire IP address or range to the deny list. I am trying to deny a group of Texas servers on Apex Xbox. I have Iowa region selected but seems to always connect to Texas. I have blocked probably a hundred servers in the region but it keeps connecting to them. There is like 4000+ servers with similiar ip addresses in this region. This makes the allow deny list useless. Also if I block this region with filter options it just keeps kicking me out of the game. I have to relaunch it 20 times to get a server in the Iowa region. Would this work if I had every single server in Texas blocked in deny list? Thanks Jim
  3. Is there a way to block entire blocks of servers? All the Texas servers start with 204.74.____.____. Is there any way to block the entire range of IP addresses? Thanks
  4. Yup on Apex Legends for XBOX this router is pretty useless. It connects to a Texas peer server 29 out of 30 times. If I legit want an Iowa server I have to re connect 30 times to get a match. Also I blacklisted close to 200 servers in Texas and they still have new IP's and servers. How is this possible?
  5. Have to say after 10 year of owning a NetDuma, I don't understand this router at all. Is there a geo-filter manual on how the internals are trying to connect. The first server always appears as a solid square with a border around it and is one, sometimes two in Texas. This is when I am in the lobby. What is this if not a server because I can ping it and it has an IP? When I click to join a game (In Spectator mode), One server will appear in Texas next to it or Nothing, Zero servers show on the map! matter fact all servers disappear. Every once in a while one will pop up usually in Texas. So I have no idea what server it is connected to and even if I did would not matter because I have zero control to connect to another closer. Any time I put restrictions on the location it will time out, kick me out and wont even let me back into a lobby until I remove all restrictions. So the cloud update is today? (Friday) What does the cloud even do? When I flush cloud I get an error, I refresh the page and the same thing happens every time. I am also confused on white listing the server. If it is not on the blacklist would it not automatically be able to connect to this server and there for be white listed? One other question is on playing with 2 other peers. Is there any way to force connect the Geo-Filter to a server near me in Chicago. Any time I put restrictions on the location it will time out, kick me out and wont even let me back into a lobby until I remove all restrictions. Making the Geo-Filter pretty much not usable if all it does is kick you out of the room.
  6. Here was another in Texas in spectating mode only Host TypeDedicated IDf9175520b4986166 Domain Namescusxt1.ipv6.microsoft.com.akadns.net. Name 0/20
  7. Tried this last night how can I ping the server when it never connects?
  8. Pulled out the R1 again last night to see if it worked any better. After an hour of trying to connect to Iowa servers selected and a 500 mile radius. Im convinced that DumaOS is unusable. It trys to connect to one location of 2 servers in Texas everytime and then times out.
  9. In fact in the game when I have an option to pick which server Iowa are the only ones pinging MS. But when it tries to connect it always goes to one server in Texas
  10. I have this problem with every game. No matter what I do it gives me one option in Texas and boots me. It is impossible to use the geo-filter. Is this a setting, is the router broken? Super frustrating. When I go to flush cloud I get an error. Is this the reason it does not work? 20191218_144516_580208466817.mp4
  11. It won't let me play any games unless I include Virginia. Been doing this for 25 min with no luck.
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