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  1. So the server shows 30-35ms to New York. On paper it should be lighting fast. I think it is an ISP issue and perhaps server side but what I don't understand is how a server and ISP could be having issues with the data, yet the numbers show speeds faster than the human eye could perceive. If you go behind a wall or jump off a cliff and die a second later or get hit a second before and after you see someone, this is 100 - 200ms behind the competition. My question is how is this possible? If I am at 30ms the data is coming back and forth faster than can be perceived. So how is the competition 150ms ahead of me? It feels like the server gives the data faster to other players. Does this happen in FPS games? I have had games were it feels reversed although very rare, it drives me mad. Playing with my settings, buying different routers, calling my ISP for them to say everything is fine I feel like a junky trying to get that connection/feeling again with no luck. Yet my system says 29ms, lighting fast?
  2. Both are about 30-35 but it is ~terrible!
  3. Not sure what you mean, ping to server shows 30-35ms
  4. What does it mean when you have good ping (30-35ms) connection to server yet the hit registration is still super clunky and I die super fast?
  5. Can't connect to WiFi. I can see the network but won't connect to internet. Tried all the channels WiFi will just not work. I can connect via LAN but not WiFI. Please Help! Very Frustrating router
  6. PureVPN does not work with PS4. When I connect it to the router and add PS4 it wont connect to the PS Network. I think PS has banned PureVPN IP addresses.
  7. I realized if I go in and check the box disable QOS I get it close to 800 which is reasonable.
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