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  1. Thanks I ended up having to reset the router...again...I think Ive had to do that 10 times now. I think I may keep my old R1 around 😃
  2. It says not secure so no https. I disabled the extensions and yes they accept cookies.
  3. Hello. I apologize in advance if this was answered. I just switched from the original R1 to the XR500 running the latest firmware and I noticed when I adjust the sliders to 70% up and down it doesnt stay there. If I refresh the page it goes back to 100%. I tried different browsers and different computers and the behavior is the same. Is there a step I'm missing to keep the sliders at 70%? Thanks in advanced.
  4. Nevermind I found the email for the file. How do I manually enter external DNS servers instead of using my ISP's?
  5. May I please get the latest Duma OS beta firmware for my R1? I'm on firmware 1.03.6j. Thank you.
  6. Thanks Fraser. Does the Netgear router have that feature now?
  7. The old firmware I was able to see which of my 3 consoles were using the GEO Filter via Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. Is that feauter not there in the beta OS?
  8. I'm on Xboxone. Is this game supporteded? I'm us R1 Duma OS beta. I can't seem to connect their servers. I tried putting my xbox into Spectating Mode and removed it from the Geo but still no go. Maybe EA servers are jacked as of now?
  9. Just for clarity, unticking "Enabled" is effectively turning off the geo filter but congestion control is still on for that console I just unticked "Enabled" correct? thanks guys!
  10. Hi guys! Quick questions. Does the geo filter need to be on to take advantage of congestion control? Also if I have 2 xboxes in the house and we play together does both of them need to have the xbox service and geo if I host the game?\ Thanks!
  11. I just tried with mobile browsers and console browsers and choose view as Desktop browser and I still can't see what the name of the device in the small box for anything. I know resetting the Duma will fix it but I don't want to go through that again because I'll lose white list and other stuff again. Am I the only one that has had this issue lol?
  12. Sorry I meant every device I can't rename not every device has multiple ip's.
  13. It's actually every device on my router. I did try the zooming in and out and that didnt work. It won't let me delete the devices. It says the are currently active.
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