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  1. When the router detects a priority connection is applies the setting set on the Anti Bufferbloat section. After the high priority packets are no longer detected the bandwidth reverts to the default amount.
  2. Update: I just swapped out my superhub 3 (they actually call it hub 3, guess its not super then) for the superhub 2ac in modem mode and now I am getting exceptional ratings on the ping diagnostic tool on the Netduma UI. I am also finally getting 'A' grades on DSL reports without my download buffers skyrocketing every few seconds.
  3. I have been with Virgin Media for several years now and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, I am sadly stuck with VM as I can't get BT Infinity.
  4. Unfortunately it is the game that is the issue, I have occasionally had the same problems with the game myself, however I am still managing a 5 win to loss ratio on FIFA, so its not too bad for me. I would recommend turning off the music in the audio section in settings (just move the slider to 0), also if you go into the online settings and then to matchmaking options you can turn on (or off) the 'approximate matchmaking location' try both settings to see if this helps. In honesty, the Netduma is great at what it does which is to minimise any delay/lag on your local network, however it cannot make up for poor game design, netcode and some matchmaking systems. Black ops 3 was amazing for me for the first 3 months, I was holding close to a 4 k/d on it, but they done something in a patch and from then on I was struggling to compete with players who had k/d ratios below 1 (settings remained the same on my side). Even now infinite warfare is garbage on my connection but Titanfall 2 runs flawlessly for me, so game design is where I believe the issue really lies if you have done everything right on your side.
  5. In my experience with the game on the PS4, I have noticed the button delay and sluggish gameplay is more prevalent on the weekends. So it leads me to believe that its the EA servers being really bad. Furthermore the game uses a ELO system so that you are matched with players with similar skill level (smaller player pool), couple this with the fact that the game will match you against a player anywhere in the world just compounds the issue. The geo filter can alleviate some issues with the matchmaking, however you may have to wait a while to find an opponent and then you still can experience sluggishness due to poor lag compensation implementation. Another thing you could try is the new version of PS4 controllers (the light bar is also on the touchpad on these), these controllers allow you to charge and send button inputs through the charger cable, unlike the original PS4 controller, which could only charge and you would still be playing via bluetooth. Just make sure to go to settings>devices and change the the connection type of the PS4 controller to USB instead of bluetooth (you can still use the controller wirelessly if you wish but some additional features may be disabled). This may solve some of the button delay you are experiencing.
  6. Good to hear that its more stable now. I have heard the Xbox 1 version of FIfa has a lot of button delay. That said the PS4 isn't consistent either, even with the Netduma, because EA servers are atrocious.
  7. Thanks, good to know this has already been highlighted. I wouldn't expect a fix soon though as Virgin/Intel would need to test the new firmware (beta) prior to making it available to everyone else. The 'port flapping' issue (frequent disconnects) on the Superhub 3 took 9 months, I believe, to be resolved via firmware.
  8. Since I have had the Superhub 3, I have had nothing but problems with it. Originally it was the 'port flapping' issue which seems to have been resolved now. However I have been noticing that during gaming and VoIP calls, I get frequent latency spikes. As I use the Superhub 3 in modem mode, I assumed it was the Netduma router I was using, so I switched that out and it made no difference. Therefore I browsed the VM forums and found this.. http://community.virginmedia.com/t5/Gaming-Support/Hub-3-Compal-CH7465-LG-TG2492LG-and-CGNV4-Latency... There seems to be an issue with the Superhub 3 chipset, which causes latency spikes under load. I never had this problem with the Superhub 2 which I had in modem mode with the Netduma. I don't think VM or Intel will be resolving this issue anytime soon (I believe the port flapping issue took several months to resolve). So I would suggest asking them to exchange the Superhub 3 for a Superhub 2 ac (or just 2). Another post below, states that the Intel CPU erroneously could be dropping around 6% of your packets causing at least 200ms spikes! (worth a read). http://www.fudzilla.com/news/processors/42312-intel-s-puma-6-chip-set-falls-asleep P.S. This issue may be present in some Comcast routers (Xfinity), so check the second link to see if this affects you.
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