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  1. Hit detection is there but firing rubber bullets ping is 10ms buffer boat is a+ on all is it the game? Instant Deaths as well?
  2. is i see a post for cloud settings not so long ago?
  3. Ok will do but dose this look right?
  4. Bt are no help can any one help please.
  5. They are using a Heavily modified engine from Ghosts seems like the franchise dose this quite a lot it's on wiki. Throw it together and where the Guinea pigs. Patch after patch. Netduma should be an inspiration to this game and they should do a cod os. And test it or take longer to make it work right.
  6. Yes it's on the bt hub it just won't save and keeps going back to dhcp. It should be set to static?
  7. Address assignment DHCP will not save static ? Any help?
  8. I can not set the ip of the r1 into the dmz on the by home hub 5 why is this?

    1. Netduma Crossy

      Netduma Crossy

      Make sure you are using the WAN IP. You can find instructions for the HH5 here :)



    2. evo95


      It ok I got it sorted had to change my ip on my laptop back to a by ip to be able to set it back into the dmz we cool Quick question typically what should the ping be of a distance of 334 km ?

    3. Netduma Crossy

      Netduma Crossy

      hmm. difficult to know really with knowing what your base ping is. For me it would be about 20ms but it really depends on what your base ping is :)

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