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  1. I got mine back in October 2015, somehow I think I'm a little outside of the warranty period.
  2. My duma has started its annoying constant WiFi drops again, I could handle the drops once a week sure that's fine, but now it's started doing it again basically twice a day. I don't need to be told to check any FAQ topic or any support guide as I've tried every single one of them. I was hoping DumaOS was going to help alleviate my problems, but now seeing that its not actually going to come out anymore I think it's just time to say goodbye.
  3. "Reminder: Attempting to incite disharmony in the forum can result in a ban."
  4. I guess we now know why it was so quiet on the update front. Not really your guys fault but was still painful. Glad to see you guys are expanding and this can only mean more great updates in the future with this new partnership. good luck.
  5. No worries, I'm thinking about waiting it out until DumaOS and going from there.
  6. cant really have the Smart Hub and the Netduma too far apart, cant run wires all over the house due to young children and dog. Smart Hubs WiFi is completely turned off though. Ran two network analyzers and both said channel 11 was best for me so been on that.
  7. WiFi has dropped another 2 times in the past day, there is nothing near the router at all, it’s literally on its own with at least a 6 foot radius away from any other electrical devices. Given up at this point, disconnected the Duma and just having standard BT Smart Hub.
  8. WiFi just lasted a good 15 minutes this time until it dropped again. I seriously must be doing something wrong to keep having this issue.
  9. So it’s been 2 days since this post, WiFi has dropped on all devices connected to the Duma 3 times in that time. Might just be time to let it go.
  10. After I gave up getting it to work, its decided to bring WiFi back on its own. 80Mbps - Down 20Mbps - Up Reactive Security Mode - WPA-PSK2 Channel - 11 2.4GHz Auto DNS IPv6 OFF MTU Auto PPPoE - Disabled WAN IP - Disabled WAN MAC Address - Disabled WAN VLAN - Disabled IPv6 - Disabled MTU - Enabled Enable Deep Packet Processing - Ticked Allow Auto Feedback - Unticked Allow Remote Access - Ticked Enabled UPnP Forwarding - Ticked Enable Multicast Snooping - Ticked Enable Local Link IPv6 - Unticked Acces Control Panel From WAN - Unticked Enabled Cookies - Ticked Enable WiFi Workaround - Unticked Stealth Mode - Unticked Turbo Mode - Unticked Super Turbo Mode - Unticked Cloud Settings - Auto Bleeding Edge Cloud - Ticked These are all my settings with it currently working, is there anything in here that i need to change to stop this from happening again? I understand technology isn't perfect so it may happen again regardless but I want to minimise the possibility seeing as im in the middle of writing my dissertation.
  11. So finally managed to get duma working when computer is wired to it. Now I just have no WiFi.
  12. Tried PPPoE settings on another thread, said it should just be [email protected] and pass should just be BT but this didn’t help. WiFi drops out on all devices at the same time including wired devices too. Tried the old hard reset along with factory reset before posting. Duma is running 1.03.6i currently.
  13. I’m at breaking point with this router, constantly dropping WiFi and now it’s decided to completely disconnect me from the internet, no access what so ever. All I can do is muck around on the fancy settings page but no matter what I change according to the support threads helps. Set up is a BT Smart Hub X (WiFi turned off and Netduma in DMZ) with the Duma connected as the only thing in the lan ports. Everything else runs through the Duma nothing else is connected to the smart hub.
  14. Do you have 'Strict' selected if so untick it, if not then its an error on Bungie's end as I had the same problem last night.
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