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  1. Thanks, I'll try these out but wondering if a different approach would be a better option. Is there a service that I could pay for to make sure my settings are optimized to rule out issues with my router? I've been using the R1 since it was available for pre-order years ago but I'm not a network savvy/skilled user. Some companies offer a fee-based set-up/configuration service and I'd be willing to pay for this if there's a Netduma expert available (assuming PayPal or another online payment system would suffice). This is something we should be able to remotely via a shared screen UI such as Skype. My ISP is sending a tech on Wednesday to bump up my speed to 500MB and install a new modem. After that it would be an ideal time to optimize my R1 and make sure that the issues I'm having can't be blamed on it. Thoughts?
  2. Thanks, requesting the desktop site in Firefox resolved it. I thought there was a mobile version of the UI. Don't suppose it's on the road map?
  3. Thanks, is there an ETA. That video was 8 months ago.
  4. Still a glitch for me. Landscape shows more fields to the right but the device name is still cut off and I can't scroll to the left to view more if it.
  5. In a review comparing Netduma with two other routers, the author comments that automating the anti-flood and other features is supposed to be part of an update. That video was back in Feb so is this feature still planned? The discussion starts at 9:25 in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6erRRbaiAT0
  6. When editing the device manager on my phone (Galaxy S7 Edge) the column showing the device names is cut off and I can't see anything. Makes it impossible to use this feature on my phone. Is this a glitch? Attached a screenshot.
  7. Eventually I was able to get connected to WiFi on my phone and could log back into my admin interface to switch back so I'm back to not using WPA-PSK2. I still get dropped from the wireless. For example, last night right before bed the connection on my phone dropped and this morning it was back up. The same happens with my laptop. My Xbox is the only wired device. I'm used to 80MB down and 15-20MB up. But now it's all over the place and constantly plummets to as low as 1.68MB up and down. Powering off the modem and router briefly fixes it. Disconnecting my router and connecting my Xbox directly to my modem gives me a clean, fast connection without any issues. At first I thought it was the modem so I swapped it out but that didn't help. Can't continue like this, I've got devices that are important to stay connected (my son's diabetic monitor). If the problem is the router then I need to get a new one ASAP.
  8. I'm in the United States. Went through the guide that Netduma Fraser mentioned and the wifi analyzer recommended Channel 1
  9. I changed the setting to PSK2 like the guide suggested and the entire network died. I can't even get back to the admin page to change it back. WTF?
  10. Great, changing to PSK2 killed my network connection and I can't even log back in to the NetDuma admin site. Now what?
  11. On the current release of NetDuma. Over the past few weeks my devices lose their wireless connection. Only wired connection is my Xbox. Happens multiple times day and the only fix is to either reboot the device or unplug/plug in my modem and NetDuma. Looking for suggestions, it's become a major PITA to deal with.
  12. Sorry if I missed this but where can the max bandwidth my NetDuma router can handle? My ISP is now offering 1GB service. However he stated it's only for wired connections b/c they don't have a router that can handle this speed for wireless. Is this something my NetDuma can manage? Thanks!
  13. I'd like to upgrade and am on v 1.03.4. Remote access is enabled. Thanks
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