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  1. PART 1: I've been doing some testing/experimenting with my R1 and WW2 lately and things don't seem to be working as they should be. I wanted to test different servers to see which ones had populated Headquarters and which were empty so I started at my home server (I'm from Toronto but most often get put on the New Jersey server) and my HQ is always populated with 30-50 people. I then disabled my geofilter, shut down the WW2 app on my PS4, moved my home location to California, reactivated the geofilter, then booted up WW2 again. In theory the router should now force the game to connect me to a server in California but it doesn't. I don't connect to anything at all. I end up in an empty HQ and if I try to find a match it says 0 potential games found. No servers or hosts show up on the geofilter at all. By the way, Strict Mode is on during these tests. What exactly is going on here? Why can't I connect to a server in California, or Florida, or Texas (I've tried several places). PART 2: I decided to Temp ban the New Jersey server to see if I can get on the Ontario/Quebec server with hopes to having faster ping. The problem is the New Jersey server wont block for some reason. I have tried to Temp ban it several times and it says it works but it still connects me to that server when I boot the game. The only way I can prevent myself from connecting to New Jersey is if I have it outside of my filter range but then what is the point of the Temp Ban feature if it doesn't work? Tl;DR Why am I still connecting to servers that I have Temp Banned? Why can't I connect to any servers except for ones that are near my actual, real home location (not my geofilter home)?
  2. I appreciate the response but I do not think either of these are the case here. There were several different android tablets in the list and I honestly don't even know anyone with an android tablet. The only guest I have over who uses my wifi is my brother and his phone is in my list of devices I am familiar with. If my parents or my friends swing by they very rarely ever ask to connect to my wifi and when they do I'm the one that gives them the password meaning I would recognize their device in the list. As far as it being some of my devices potentially connecting with multiple IPs I don't think that is the case either because for example why would a Samsung TV be showing up as an android tablet or an android phone while at the same time showing up as a Samsung TV? Is there any way for people to hack into the router and access it without a password?
  3. Hey all, hoping someone can shed some light here. Every so often I log into my Netduma and in my device manager there are a bunch of unknown devices connected to my router. I block and delete these devices from the list each time but I would like to know how the heck they're connecting in the first place? A few minutes ago I just had to block and delete over a dozen random devices and I have no clue who they even belong to. My R1 is password protected. The serial number on the device is the password. I don't even talk to my neighbours or anyone in my neighbourhood for that matter so its perplexing to me that there would be so many random devices hooked up to it. Hope someone will have some answers, Thanks. Vile
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