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  1. thanks for the answer, i tried but it still ask me for the password and the default's one dont work the hard reset dont even shut the light down
  2. hi there i forgot my interface password protection password how can i reset it ? I have internet but i just cant access my interface hard reset with button dont seems to work
  3. My bad I just started my Xbox and the host pop an the map. When I turn off my xbox the host is shown as dormant. So It is something about xbox live I never get something like that before. I can still log into xbl when it blocked
  4. Since the new hotfix in destiny 2 on tuesday for the launch of crimson days , i started to notice a "new host in UK" as soon as I launch the game. What it this ? Anyone notice the same thing ? ID : 853329f4d024878c TRACE central US then Seattle (bungie HQ)
  5. Wrong section sorry can someone delete my post I just post a new topic
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