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  1. Wanted to ask before posting... where would be a good section to post should I go and share with everyone here what my setup is, what I did, etc in order to finally get Type 2 Open NAT (WWII, PS4). I figured I’d share in case anyone happens to find it and either critique, or perhaps find helpful, etc. If I missed it I’m sorry, but perhaps the tldr is, is there a preferred ‘post your setup’ section anywhere below? Thx and hope everybody is well! Cheers
  2. Lol. I meant as in, does it really matter what (non-gaming) device is connected where...
  3. Also, where I keep scratching my head with concepts here is, with our goofy Giga plan (and thus CC is inactivated), does it really matter what device is connected where, if the key feature now is more or less exclusively the GeoFilter?... hmmm
  4. Thanks; this is very helpful sir. Should someone in a similar situation ever finds this, let me clarify a couple things to help extrapolating etc... 1) In the context of my opening post/inquiry and in assimilating Mr Fraser et al.'s comments above, it appears that running everything through the Duma, while reducing the paid-for bandwidth by half, is nonetheless the most advantageous option in terms of control/moderation of a given home network. Currently however, this is not what's going on in my scenario (and wanted to be clear for others). 2) The current setup at this time: G1100 - handles basically all the wireless devices that can utilize 5G (our phones, tablets, laptops, roomate's Alexa, and the unit's thermostat) Duma - consoles (2 PS4s) and an occasional gaming PC my kids bring when they come to visit. There is also a run from the Duma over to a switch where the TV is, that hardwires an Apple TV box, the TV itself, and my roommate's torrent box. TL;DR Devices I want/need wired (gaming) and/or have control over (stuff that streams), are hardwired and pass through the Duma. The G1100 is used only for 5G wireless devices. To my earlier point, I guess I was just surprised and was seeking input as to whether a 130-150 ms jump in ping is expected based simply on whether one's "router #1 of 2" has UPnP enabled. Thanks again, I'm off to find a lobby
  5. Ok, so, if I turn off UPnP on the G1100 I get ping results ranging from 35-150 ms. Re-enabling it on the G1100 I'm back to 3-4 ms. Kinda makes sense, assuming that enabling UPnP on the G1100 helps route ping traces to/from my MacBook (which was connected to the Duma and was the source of the Speedtest. 1) Is it possible I was too verbose and we missed that this is the path: Internet (Fios Giga) <-> G1100 <-> Duma <-> devices of interest (PS4, MacBook, etc.)? 2) Is there any reason for concern that in order to achieve this 3-4 ms ping result, that UPnP is enabled on both the G1100 and the Duma? That is, would there be any reason that UPnP enabled on both routers is considered 'bad' or 'less desirable' at all?
  6. That makes total sense (on primary router, setting UPnP or port forwarding to a secondary router that's been placed into DMZ, would serve no benefit per se). I think I was attempting to theorize whether the opposite of that would be equivalent, as in, if UPnP (or PFing) was configured on both routers (in my case at the moment, UPnP is enabled on both), then perhaps there is no need to have the Duma in DMZ. I'm sure it just all depends on whether I can still get an open NAT in the game. Either way, sounds great, I'll mess around and see what happens but worst case at least now I have a means to ensure an open NAT, woot!
  7. I should also say that, it is my understanding that if uPnP is enabled that there really shouldn't be a need to put the Duma (or whatever secondary router etc) into DMZ... so that's the next thing I will mess with when I get home, i.e., remove it from DMZ and see if I can still get an open NAT in the game. -n
  8. Thanks to those who replied. I don't know how/why I was not getting open NAT, even after power cycling the G1100 and Duma and console etc... but eventually was successful. For archiving, what I did was the following: I first factory reset the Duma (maybe there was some setting I missed earlier that was still reflecting my old cable internet getup) Then before reconnecting everything, I went into the G1100 interface and - changed the DHCP range to start at - assigned the Duma to a static address of (g1100 can do DHCP reservation however, if I recall/ to anyone interested) - put the Duma's newly created static address into the DMZ Lastly, I confirmed that uPnP was enabled on both the G1100 and the Duma Reconnected it all, power cycled in order of G1100 -> Duma -> PS4 Fired up IW and low and behold, open NAT. As a final comment, I wanted to note that for whatever reason, in my experience this was the first time ever I was able to achieve open NAT in IW via uPnP (that is, in my prior residence/ with cable internet, this was the first CoD that I was unable to get an open NAT via uPnP, but anyways that's just a side note). I may still take the time to mess around and forward ports later today, or maybe read up a bit... as I'm not well rehearsed in the whole 'good' vs 'bad' of connecting non-consoles to a router that's placed into DMZ. Either way, holy crap lol... I played two matches last night before bed and just played three more now before heading to work... and for sure I'm feeling the difference now with a 3-4 ms ping compared to 30-40 ms I was getting from the cable provider. It's like, head shots actually register now, and a couple weapons I purposefully tried just now which historically I've never been good with, actually aren't all that bad now Very interesting experience. Should anything change I'll post an update, but based so far on an N of 5 games over the past 16 hours or so, no complaints. -nol
  9. Hey everyone, been a while. Life has been crazy, hope everyone is well, and hi to all the new folks around here too I'm currently staying at a friend's place for a few months while looking for a more permanent residence, but in the meantime I am seeking help/feedback from those more proficient in this, um, dilemma I have at the moment: 1. (Background) I'm a PS4, primarily CoD only kinda guy. The place here has Fios Giga, TV and net, with coax and Ethernet coming into the home and connected to a G1100 ('Quantum Gateway'). I've confirmed by wiring my MacBook to the gateway that the residence receives 940 Mbps down and 880 Mbps up. As you may know/ from reading other posts, the Duma can handle no more than ~500 Mbps. In a scenario where it's G1100 -> Duma via LAN to WAN, the MacBook plugged into the Duma can detect ~ 430-450 Mbps down, close enough to what is expected. Regardless, in this type setup I am experiencing the typical 'double NAT' thing, where my PS4 detects NAT type 2 but I am unable to get an Open NAT in the game. (There are possible difference of opinions here, but from personal experience CoD plays noticeably different imo, and also coughs and sneezes way too much when trying to find lobbies etc., if I am not Open NAT.) While everything is IPv6 capable, the isp still only has IPv4 as an option... so the battle against double NATing here is real for now... I'd say I'm 'intermediate' level in terms of networking skill/knowledge, but I do listen well and enjoy tinkering on this stuff. 2) (Questions to which I seek your advice) I am not fully sure what the 'best option' is for me to set up over here. I'll gladly add additional info here as appropriate, but to get some discussion flowing, below are a few thoughts I'm seeking input on: - I could ditch the Duma (theoretical lol, I just shed a tear typing that), and just use the G1100, and hope that with close to a gig up and down that there will not be much of a bandwidth issue. Also I'm getting insane pings of like 4 ms, so in that regard maybe this is one way to escape double NATing - I can keep the coax going directly into the G1100 but perhaps for the Ethernet wire stick the Duma upstream of the G1100. I read somewhere somebody was successful in a Duma -> G1100 setup, but they had internet only package and also the 150 Mbps package; in my situation, doing this and if I got it working would essentially restrict at least half of the bandwidth we are paying for here, as I've been unable to see a (wired) speed test beyond 450 ish through the Duma (see section 1, above). - If I do G1100 -> Duma, and set the G1100 into bridge mode, same thing... I'd lose half the paid for bandwidth, and also am unsure if the TV capability still will work if I do so. Lastly, few things I've noted (but do confirm/correct me if you don't mind) - setting the Duma for the speeds we get here as you know will result in configuring it such that 'super turbo' mode is enabled, which essentially makes the CC moot as it is no longer used - thus at this point, I'm unsure whether the trade off in losing half the speeds we pay for, loss of CC, and possible loss of TV, is still worth putting the time into trying to get the Duma configured properly so as to get to my endpoint of achieving an Open NAT in CoD. - I am completely open to discussion on this. Anyone who's got the Fios Giga plan, kindly chime in for sure! - (final silly question, also to expose my knowledge limits I dare say)... at this point/ given above... if I still try to use the Duma, is there any use for it now beyond a mere LAN to LAN extender/switch per se?... I mean, CC is inactive anyways with the configured speeds, and by doing it this way aka subnet route, perhaps that will keep me out of this double NAT ordeal (while could wire my PS4 directly to the G1100 and not deal with the Duma at all, I could at least make use of the extra ports on it, thus simply using it as a rather expensive switch lol). Thanks for reading. Argggh. -n
  10. Thanks and good to know about that Re SB6141 issue; will check the link out shortly for sure. I think the nighthawk is either buried in storage or got shipped with my rooommate when we departed so for now that isn't an option unfortunately. I'll post back after some more tinkering. Appreciate your response!
  11. I'm still tinkering and haven't found the 'optimal wireless' settings yet (I know, such the oxymoron ) but will address some of the key comments/inquiries from above. Disclaimer: Thanks to yall above for responding, much appreciated no doubt. 1. ("where I used to live, I was getting only a slight loss b/w wired vs. wireless (e.g., wired would yield say 180 down, wireless would yield 150 down), which to me is much more understandable. I can't seem to get my head around why at this new place the drop is so extreme.") - To clarify, I most certainly did get those numbers... just that it is possible that it wasn't with the Duma/Mikrotek router (sorry for not clarifying; I had two separate lines at the previous place and the other line, also the 150 package, had a nighthawk for the router, and dslreports test for sure gave me about 120-130 down, anyways not at all trying to argue bud, am thankful you reminded me those tests weren't likely with the Duma/M'tek). I've actually hardly used the Duma for anything wireless until this recent move... meanwhile, to your point I'll go and look up that info for knowledge sake (i.e., find out what exactly the theoretical wireless capability the Mikrotek even has. #redinthefacenow), that's a critical starting point here. 2. I've been tinkering with various channels and am still looking to dial in the 'best' one. Been using the network scanner utility thingee on my mac... will keep you posted, for now, I just know that a couple channels are not going to work as there are other nearby networks which are using them, and thus to your point I do not want to risk conflict etc. 3. While for sure wireless is not as stable, I've watched it over here at new place just flat out drop signal all the time, etc. etc. by way of pingplotter... but/still, I was just floored that there was THAT much of a decrease in the speed test values, and, was trying to determine 'how much of that difference' was due to signal issues here at the new place, vs. limitations of the router itselt, and so forth. 4. I'll take a look at the modem cited above for sure... as it's been awhile since I shopped around for what's out there and such, but I should say that I've been perhaps one of the fortunate ones who've never had any major issues with the SB6141, in fact I used one for each of the 2 lines referenced above. The modem that was here at the new place was the (dreaded lol) SBG6580, which was total garbage no matter what I did... hence, I removed it and stuck in its replace one of my 2 SB6141s from the old place. Anyways... good points here and much appreciated. If I make any headway I'll post back here for sure with updates. Thanks! -Q
  12. I'm in a new residence and have set up my gaming rig slightly different than the old one. I am versed in all the basic concepts, familiar with my modem and router/Duma etc. settings, general network setup, and all that jazz. I'm stuck here and am in need of advice/input. To be sure I didn't miss/overlook anything, I walked myself through both the wiki guide as well as a few things in the 'knowledge base' section up here... including 'simple' things like swapping out ethernet cables, tinkering with enabling/disabling IPv6, reactive/preemptive, turbo mode, etc. etc... If/as needed, I will take screen shots, but for now am hoping that I've chimed in on the forums 'enough' per se that hopefully most of you would be comfortable concluding that I've more or less covered the fundamentals here. Maybe Current setup -Modem (SB6141); Comcast cable, 200 package -Duma -All devices in the residence go through the Duma (current total of around 12 devices) So, below will be primarily discussing overall speed test values (vs. ping, which no matter what are ~30 ms) THE ISSUE (in a nutshell), based on at least 6 tests via dslreports speed test; below are average resulting values: 1. laptop (MacBook Pro) directly wired into my modem: 230 Mbps down, 12 Mbps up 2. laptop directly wired to Duma, which is wired into my modem: 230 Mbps down, 12 Mbps up 3. multiple scenarios including the 'standard troubleshooting' up here, followed to the T (hence my post up here seeking other ideas), swapping out various cables, placement of the Duma all over the room, including it being within 6 inches from my laptop: 20 Mbps down (yes, as in twenty), 8 Mbps up My only conclusion so far is two-fold, either (a) somehow I missed something in the walkthroughs(?) or otherwise am not up to speed on the latest troubleshooting tips, or ( is it possible that somehow the Microtek wireless feature took a dump? Lastly, for what it's worth/to help orient, the last step in the wiki/forum knowledge base walkthrough ends with 'try disabling IPv6'... So, if that does not correct for this, any ideas?... where I used to live, I was getting only a slight loss b/w wired vs. wireless (e.g., wired would yield say 180 down, wireless would yield 150 down), which to me is much more understandable. I can't seem to get my head around why at this new place the drop is so extreme. Thanks for reading!!! Regards, -Q
  13. Ok good! Back to the poor OP's inquiry... hey, just listen in to these guys and answer any questions asked; they for sure will get you to where you're as optimal as feasible. And you'll learn a fair amount too along the way. -Q
  14. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. My geo is large actually but admittedly a bit atypical as I'm trying to favor certain servers over others and I'm convinced the inability to join has something to do with the 'battle/conflicts' with the Duma wanting to get me/party on one server but the game is hellbent on not allowing this per se. I'm pretending (as I'm just not a coding guru) for peace of mind that there is perhaps just some wonky conflict that takes place due to some core/fundamental way IW matches people up and the core/fundamental way the Duma works to exert its effects. Bottom line is, unless everything is turned off, it's all kinds of problematic... beyond the bug stuff (albeit that's another great point as well).
  15. They are still friends in real life LOL but will not play with me if the router is on. I do agree with your latter statement, because it is clear 99% of them just want to get into a game and kick ass without having to think about all of this. It's OK, I do not take offense Lol. Let me be clear, I'm assuming you know I wasn't trying to be a troll, and likewise I enjoyed your comment. And that's quite sincere, maybe I miss read but I do want to apologize if you took offense -Q
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