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  1. As always thank you for the help guys. I did fix the problem it seemed that it was a faulty cable after plugging this cable into another device it didn't seem to transmit any data what-so-ever it was getting power but was transmitting no data. After replacing the cable the internet now works, sorry if I seemed a little bit angry last night I was in the middle of a League of Legends comp and getting DC didn't look very good on me so I lost my temper but sorry about that.
  2. I have no idea what this latest update did or what I even did. As a matter of fact I'm sure I didn't do anything. But in the middle of a tournament incomp I just got DC and now the router won't even see the internet coming in from the modem. I called my ISP and we troubleshooted the entire thing I plugged in my PC into the modem and it gave me internet just fine and now all I see on the front of my router is an orange blinking light on the internet section. Did this latest update that I just installed on my router completely screw it over cuz right now it basically feels like I have a $300 paperweight and I'm not exactly happy since it looks like I just threw the comp. I've reset the modem and I've reset the router both at the same time I even decided to reflash the firmware with the latest release of the system. None of this has fixed it. If somebody can get back to me as soon as possible that would be just terrific. 20181219_233647.mp4
  3. not sure what it means but i cant see or use the main dashboard when i log into the router. all ad-block and ghostery is off for the ip. and i do not have bit-defender
  4. Warframe has the option to switch the ports that are needed for UPnP. But the game does need UPnP. But after removing the device from geofilter and then we adding and it works fine now not exactly sure what happened maybe a bug.
  5. Because the geofilter is set to spectate mode not filter mode. And I looked on the UPnP settings page and my device was not popping up nor was it making the required connections for Warframe to work or for even party chat for that matter and yes Fraser what I changed was the password and the security type.
  6. i have tried everything to try to get the router to work. it was just fine up until i changed the password to the router now everything is messed up and i dont understand why. the upnp with not allow me to do anything. like get into a party chat on ps4 or play warframe as it tells me that ports 4950 ad 4955 could not be connected. iv updated the firmware and reset the router but it still will not work. also when i changed the password to the router i also changed it from wpa to wpa2
  7. i still need help on opening the ports for warframe. i did what the support staff said and it is still not letting me. here is a picture of what happens when i tr y to apply the port settings. also please dont tell me to use upnp. iv already looked into that and it does not have to ports open that i need for warframe. edit:so after dicking around in the settings more i found out that the geo filter was what was messing up warframe. is there any way we can get warframe in the profiles for the xr500?
  8. but how is my question. a port forwarding page looks like this but the dumaos does not.can you give me a picture of how to do this? and upnp does not have the ports i need so it does not work other wise my game would not be telling me to open them. EDIT: is the internal and external ports just a different way of saying the starting ports and ending ports?
  9. I need help setting up the xr500 to be able to support warframe port forwarding. im not sure how to do that as the ui is just a tid bit confusing. here is the site that explains what i need in the port area.
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