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  1. So i.e I vpn to Singapore, I should put myself in Singapore in my geo filter?
  2. Okay what would would be the optimal setup for hybrid vpn. I have previously used hybrid vpn; via only Vpning the ports. Should I keep my geo filter on filter mode around my actually location (only worked in Hawaii server so far).
  3. I don't have it setup through hybrid vpn. Im located on the west coast I am using The OpenVpnGui connecting to Singapore, or Hawaii. Whenever I use the hybrid function I receive no log, and only vpn the warzone ports, however it either crashes my game or stream or wont connect to any servers. Previously when I was using OpenVPNgui it worked fine.
  4. Yes it connects and I have a log but just wont connect to any game servers.
  5. I'm trying to use the OpenVPN GUI, and use my configurations from NoLagVpn to connect although it seems to not be connecting to any servers. in game. Ive tried with and without geo filter. As well as removing my device from geo filter entirlery. I don't have my router in bridge mode. router is in Dmz, and plays normally without the vpn. prior to the firmware update and cod update I had no issue connecting.
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