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  1. Hi Fraser thanks for the reply I’ll try it later although I did notice last night the PS5 had defaulted to Wi-Fi even though I had the power line adapter connect so maybe an issue there but I was thinking of getting a netduma anyway. Any plans for a R3 anytime soon hate to make a purchase and a new versions just round the corner.
  2. Morning guys before I take the plunge and buy a netduma thought I’d better ask 1. if it will work with my setup and 2. will it actually fix the problem I’m having. So the problem playing COD vanguard on a PS5 in the evening especially I’m suffering terrible lag just like been on dial up. It’s making the game unplayable. My setup is internet provider Sky ultrafast+ I’m getting 500mb/s to it because my router is downstairs and my PS5 in the bedroom I’m using a TP Link av2000 so connect will be less I know. I seem to connect to lobbies with French and German players so will the netduma help on that front. I’ve been on the Sky forums and the thought there is it’s the game servers causing the lag that’s why I thought the netduma would help me get a more local connection and hopefully that would help the lag issues?? But will it work with Sky ultrafast and how do you set it up? Cheers guys.
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