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  1. it depends on for example Malaysia, russia, Hawai like that..
  2. Hi guys i need your help i want to set my Xr700 4 warzone what are the best settings for you guy's ? im in eu and i play with Nolag Vpn in the Qos when i put everything on Gaming does it make my connection bad or is vpn calculatet in to the Gaming section?
  3. I have a Problem Guys I updated my XR700 to the newest on the website but now i don't see the option "Ping Heatmap" anymore and the QoS is nor working... i have No Lag Vpn and wanted to go away from the sweaty Lobby's in Swiss/germany/French but it was not updating my geo location ingame thats why i updatet... maybe someone could help me it would make me very happy... im a noobie ar this things with router so maybe explain it for me easier... thy to all
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