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  1. Not really sure what you mean. I went to settings, then monitoring, then logs and all the boxes are checked. I don't see anything about DumaOS being enabled or disabled
  2. Like what do you mean reproduce it? The geofilter is on..like the circle with the spinning line is there…just nothing shows up on the map. Like no players or servers pop up and it doesn’t show any blocked servers or anything in the list
  3. Never played social. Was just curious. It didn’t work for CoD Vanguard either. Said the game wasn’t supported yet
  4. Does it only work in Halo infinite if you are playing social? Does it work if you’re playing Ranked?
  5. Not sure what you mean exactly. I have my PC hardwired to the router and my phone on the Wi-Fi to the same router
  6. I was even starting to lag on CoD when I tried it and I never lagged on that game with my other nighthawk router that didn’t have DumaOS on it. This router isn’t impressing me so far especially with the price tag on it
  7. I don’t see anything for CoD: Vanguard either. Idk evidently geofilter just doesn’t work.
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