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  1. so to play like on a server in Egypt I have to necessarily use a vpn? I thank you for your patience in answering me.
  2. I tried but nothing changes, I wanted to know if actually with the geofilter I can move to all the servers in the world as if I had a vpn or it is not possible to do this. explain to me what the geofilter is for. I spoke with a user on youtube told me that it only takes the vpn ...
  3. I tried to change location to restart the router, reinsert the device but never changes anything the games are all with the same latency as if I was not using anything ...
  4. good evening, I did all the steps but I still find myself in the European servers. I am in Italy and I wanted to try to play in other servers like the American ones and others can be done or not?
  5. hi, i recently bought a netduma xr500 and i have problems with the geofilter on call of duty. I have tried various server locations also in America but when I go into the game I always have my usual pin, and I was wondering if something is wrong or it doesn't work(i am trying various servers for call of duty vanguard with no success, i play on xbox series x).I hope someone can help me and explain how it works thanks.
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