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  1. Okay will do it hasn’t happened for a while now so I’ll send it over if and when it does 👍 thank you!
  2. Yeah I’m able to reboot it on the DumaOS. & yeah it’s okay thanks for trying to help
  3. Yeah hopefully man hopefully! Yeah this is the best router I’ve ever had. Boosts my internet by a lot I was getting 90 Mbps at best before now I get like 490+
  4. Damn I didn’t know that. Thanks 🤝 hopefully they just take control and fix it but at least you just lose WiFi connection I lose connection in general, wired & wireless it’s weird hopefully nothing is wrong with my NetdumaR2
  5. Still doing it. How can I speak to someone that can help me without taking hours to respond?
  6. Nope it literally just did it again after 25 minutes
  7. Okay I just did it. I’ll let you know how it goes 👍
  8. Yeah I have another router to put between but how am I supposed to fix this issue? It keeps happening
  9. It’s random it could be a few hours or 15-30 minutes. And it occurs on both wired and wireless devices. I have spectrum. They are not the problem I don’t lose connection on my spectrum modem/router at all it’s only my NetdumaR2. I already had a specialist come and check everything and it’s all okay and working 100% fine so my NetdumaR2 is the problem.
  10. Yes I factory reset after doing the update. Nothing changed still the same issue.
  11. I have been dealing with this for about a week now where my internet cuts out randomly from my NetdumaR2. The only way to temporarily fix it, is by rebooting it whenever it loses connection. & manually or else it won’t come back. I’ve already updated & factory reset it. Also did the 168 hours lease time & im still having trouble with this and it’s getting really frustrating. Please help me fix this issue
  12. I have the newest firmware and did the factory reset after completing it already & im still having the same issue even after changing my network settings to 168 hours lease time. I need a fix I’m getting really frustrated with this. I have to reboot it myself it doesn’t automatically come back and having to reboot every single time.
  13. My NetdumaR2 has been doing the same thing for the past week where it loses connection randomly. On all devices connected wireless or ethernet. I thought it was because there was an update, so I updated the software and factory reset & im still having the same issues. I lose connection randomly I have to then reboot/reset my router and internet comes back for 15-30 minutes and boom disconnects again. It’s becoming really frustrating as I work from home and so does most my family. I’m in a huge emergency for help. I need this issue fixed asap.
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