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  1. no problem i have literally been through every way possible to try getting it set up properly but in the end it was all about waiting the allotted times for the devices to fully initialize... i was too quick in trying to plug everything in and get it set up.. ~falcepalm lol
  2. Hello so after 2 days of trying to get this to work i have found a solution which i would like to share with others.... First factory reset your Superhub 4.0.. Put superhub 4 into modem mode Now remove all Ethernet cables from the superhub 4 and leave it alone for at least 5mins to fully initialize modem mode then turn the superhub power off. Setting up the netduma r2 Connecting the Superhub 4 and the NetdumaR2 I hope this saves many new Netduma and virgin media users to get connected and setup quicker... ENJOY..
  3. Hi... so it finally turned up today although packaging is severely damaged... just so you know before I test the router I have attached images....
  4. Hi here are my order details [Order #] (8th January 2022) My question is when will it be as I paid for DHL next day.. I have had no other emails apart from order confirmation?? Any news or help on receiving or tracking my order eoulc be great 👍 Thanks..
  5. I have just bought the netduma R2 from the official website.. Mt question is will this update already be on the router when shipped or will I need to update?? Thank you 😊
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