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  1. Yes. My ping spikes are quite strange however. They aren't random and almost nurture a pattern of periodically timed spikes from 11ms to 150-500ms every 15-45 seconds or so (depending on how bad it is on the day). I have tried redownloading the game a few times, which hasnt done much, thus leading me to invest in Telstra game optimiser to help overcome the problem. I believe there has been a slight noticeable decrease in the prevalence and intensity of the spikes, however they still remain and negatively impact my gaming experience. As for your question regarding geo-filter, i havent touched this service much, and to be honest didnt really know what i was doing when i tinkered around with the settings, due to me not really thinking it would change much. Currently here is what is going on with my geo-filter. I just have my device and application added and a 2000 distance set around my address. Any help with my ping spikes and geo filter will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Thank you, i see that the rule is now working. Will that help with ping spikes or must i open a new topic, about utilising "Game optimiser" to limit ping spikes in Valorant? Nevertheless thank you for your help!
  3. Yes i have as seen above, however nothing changes in download and upload packets, thus i dont think its working, am i correct?
  4. Within traffic prioritization i have added my gaming device and the service, however when actually running the game both the upload and download packets remain on 0. For some reason the DumaOS software doesnt recognise me playing Valorant. This can also be seen within the category breakdown, when playing valorant there is almost no usage.
  5. I am trying to utilise the game optimiser to reduce the amount of ping spikes i get while gaming on Valorant. Specifically i have been trying to use the QoS settings. I have found that when gaming Valorant it doesnt categorize it as "gaming" application. Consequently i cant make and prioritizations and changes to it. Any help?
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