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  1. Noted. I have Sky coming out on Monday and will see what they say, but I've just found out my contract with them is up so I may be moving. Out of interest, is your ISP OK with you using an aftermarket router rather than their own, or do you have your ISP's router changed into Modem mode?
  2. I should also confirm that I haven't done this yet, although the NAT status isn't as primary a concern at the moment.
  3. Morning @Netduma Liam @Netduma Fraser - I don't suppose you, or anyone in your team, lives in the UK with Sky Broadband and Sky TV and has a Netduma that can help? Simplistically, I think there's a problem with the Netduma router and the Sky router working simultaneously.. Either way, I'm sure my network needs tidying up a bit. As i've previously said, due to the proximity of the rooms to the Sky router, the technician who installed the TV kit had to put in a booster to get signal to each of the rooms. Alongside that, i've put some additional kit in myself to allow my wifi strength to improve throughout the property. Ethernet Network in image 1 WiFi Network in image 2, not exhaustive.. Alongside my Sky Router's WiFi, I have a Sky Q Wireless Booster provided by the ISP which sits on the upstairs landing. I was told at installation by the technician that the Sky Q Mini boxes (for the TV in Kitchen and TV in upstairs bedroom) also act as WiFi boosters too. I then installed my own Ubiquiti UniFi access point in the kitchen to allow WiFi to extend out into the garden & garage, although I'm unsure how much traffic this manages at present. In the garage, there are 2 Sonos speakers, a smart TV and a Chromecast. The Ring Doorbell and Security Camera are also on the outside of the house, although they connect to the network via the Ring Chime which is the brand's own WiFi signal booster. My worry is that the majority of my network is wifi, which is managed by the Sky router because that's where all the signal boosting kit is pointed at, but I'm trying to manage my traffic through the Netduma. Unfortunately it's unavoidable to move more of my kit to wired connections due to a lack of cat5/cat6 cabling throughout the house. Further, My two Sky Mini boxes have just stopped working overnight, although both show as having internet connection. These units work by connecting over Wifi to the main sky q box (google says: "The main box uses your home WiFi to connect to your router. The mini box connects to your main box by the mesh it generates on 5Ghz Ch36, it will not connect to your router by WiFi nor use your home WiFi."). I've been on the phone to sky this morning and they're going to send a technician out on Monday next week to have a look, because it doesn't make sense to them over the phone.. my worry is they're going to suggest that I remove the Netduma from the network to see whether this fixes the issue, and if it does, they recommend that I use their products rather than the Netduma router. When I look at my Network Map on the DumaOS interface, it's better than it was when I raised an issue with it earlier on in the thread - some units have renamed themselves - but it's still a real mess. I'm not sure what that 'offline' point is for instance, and we've only got 2 apple watches in the house but that screengrab shows 3: Any help you guys can provide would be appreciated, and if you want me to start another thread I'm happy to. Obviously I don't want to get rid of the router, but if we can't get past this issue, I might have to wait until my contract is up and try to move ISP provider or something.
  4. My whole house is connected via WiFi to that router, and the sky tv boxes act as WiFi boosters. I would be happy to do this but the issue I’ve got is the WiFi from my Netduma doesn’t reach upstairs. I’ve got ring doorbell, 2x Alexa, 3x laptop, chromecast, Sonos in the garage, security cameras and Philips hue lights too so it’s not just the odd bit of kit unfortunately. The house is quite big so when I got tv installed the engineer had to give me a free signal booster to put on the upstairs landing so that the sky TV boxes worked upstairs too.
  5. I've updated the settings again now, and have played one game to test - it seems the jittering is ok for now. Obviously it's only 1 game so will report again if it persists. Not sure if you want me to start a new thread or not, but I'm struggling to set up the port forwarding for uPNP to get my NAT sorted. I already have a port forwarding rule on my Sky Router from before I bought the NetDuma.. Index Active Protocol Int. Port Ext. Port IP Address 0 YES UDP 3074 3074 Warzone needs a number of ports forwarding though: Platform TCP Ports UDP Ports PC 3074, 27014-27050 3074, 3075, 3076, 3077, 3078, 3079 Do I add those ports on the netduma now, or do I add them to the sky router?
  6. Have factory reset using the menu option in DUMAOS - I presume you meant this rather than using the button on the back of the router? When you ask if it's any better, are you referring to the jitter I get in the game? If so, I will play tomorrow - as expected, it's reset all my settings meaning I'll have to reconfigure the router again before playing.
  7. I’m out at present so will do this when I get home - is there a way you want me to get the average ping or you can want me to confirm using the in game ping? If it’s just the in game ping, between 23 and 37 maybe. geo filters are just 2000 km from my home (uk).
  8. Congestion Control is now set to Always.. it was set to Auto previously, but I changed it before sending the second set of connection benchmarks. It's set to Computer.
  9. Assuming it's under Traffic Controller, I've never even clicked that option until just now - see screenshot (no rules set). It's Call of Duty: Warzone that is jittering.
  10. It was previously set to Auto Enable. I've changed it as requested and results are better.. should I also expect the jitters in game to cease?
  11. Afternoon @Netduma Fraser - sorry for the delay. Please see screenshot below. Ping under load looks to be the issue?
  12. Noted - thanks for the reply. I'll try number 1 in a little while. RE Number 2, that's fine - shouldn't they show on the geo-filter page when I'm searching for a game though? I'm only seeing them on the pingmap 3 and 4. No worries 5. Download 36.5mbs, Upload 6.5 and i've set both to 70%
  13. Hi guys Hope I can get some help with my new router, and thanks in advance to anyone who can shed any light on where I'm going wrong! Context: I play Warzone and Halo on a PC, and am managing the router from that same PC. It's plugged into my Sky Router (Sky Broadband). 1. On the dashboard my Network Map is showing about 30 different 'unnamed devices' - without manually going through them all and checking the MAC address, does anyone know how I might sort that mess out? 2. I'm attempting to set a Geo-Filter - I'm based in the UK and to begin with, just want to see where the servers are relative to me. I've done the ping heatmap and can see one dot in mainland europe and the other 6 are NA servers. This can't be right can it? I expected there to be a thousand or more servers to be honest. I've set my device up (matched the MAC address) on geo-filter too, and have quit battle.net and warzone then re-launched, but am not seeing servers on the geo-filter page, even when i'm in a pre-game lobby or the queue.. any ideas why that might be? 3. I've tried the "Cloud Resync" option on Geo Filter but it takes upwards of a minute before the 'Applying Settings' prompt changes to 'The operation is taking longer than expected', and when refreshing, I dont see anything change. 4. My NAT type is still 'moderate' which i can't seem to fix. I have my PC set to a static IP on the advice of @Netduma Fraser because my PC wasn't picking up the router prior to that - could that maybe be making the process more difficult? I'm getting the odd spike of latency / packet loss and jittering.. maybe once every 3 or 4 games for minute or so, and am hoping the above will fix it Any help would be really great. Thanks
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