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  1. I honestly don’t know what happen. When I switch the cables to test if the other cables would work I switched back to the original cable and now it’s at 1000mbits.
  2. I do get 1000mbits with the other cable. If the length is the limiter. Whats my best solution for this. My main modem sits in my living room across the house. My R2 is at the other end where my game room is at.
  3. I’m using a Cat6 cable right now. But it is a 100 foot cable though.
  4. I've had the R2 for a while now and I did not have any issues until recently where I notice I am only getting about 80 to 100 mbs download speeds. I have on my current provider a plan that allows 1200mbs speeds. In the Device Manager tap on the DumaOS I notice me device is listed at 100Mbits. How do I change that??
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