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  1. Tried with exactly the same config on the cisco router, R8000 works fine but the XR1000 does not. It should work with the cisco router as is.
  2. Do you suggest to disable DHCP on cisco router ? I have configured @cisco end - switchport mode access No Firewall options configured on Cisco
  3. Cisco router port shows as down when the new XR is connected but shows up when old Netgear is connected
  4. There is a Cisco router in between and maybe that is blocking
  5. Connecting it to one of the 4 access ports of XR1000 with Ethernet cable.
  6. Thank you for your promo reply. Yes I tried the setup wizard but it says no Ethernet cable connected. I have a Netgear R8000 which work fine when I connect back with the same cable. connection setup as below: NBN - Cisco C1111 router - XR1000
  7. Can anyone help me connecting my new Netgear XR1000 to my existing Cisco WAN router with static IP address. I had a Netgear R8000 which was working fine but the new Netgear XR1000 simply does not connect.
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