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  1. Did a factory reset and did the set up again through my computer instead of my phone (That was how I did it the first time) Now everything seems to be working properly. Now it's time to make Fifa work with no LAG lol
  2. So, I got home, disabled Qos and ran some speed test, I'm still having the same issue. In the DumaOS it marks that I can reach 871 Mbps but I get a D grade in internet. In the speedtest website my internet is way less than what I had with the Spectrum router.
  3. I'll give this a try tonight when I get home and will report back, thank you!
  4. I bought this router last night, fair enough I haven't had the proper time to go through all the settings, but in my initial speed tests with my Playstation 5 I had the exact same problem that OP had. When I connected to the spectrum router I always get 800x plus but now with this router I get 150 tops, which is so strange. I would love to know what's the fix for this.
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