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  1. So I've got my username/password and config file from ExpressVPN, and it keeps failing. No matter which country I try to use, I have downloaded UK config files and it still fails to connect. Any reason why? I am in live chat with express vpn and I am doing everything right.
  2. The ExpressVPN app you mean? So we cannot do what you said on console unless there is a India via UK openvpn config?
  3. So what's a better VPN than nolagvpn we can use with HybridVPN? Normal VPN's don't work as they are too far away from the UK. I have no luck with Egypt, Afghanistan, India, New Zeeland etc. And apparently NoLag has become so popular it's like playing in normal lobbies. Any suggestions?
  4. Gotcha. Will try that soon. If this is the case, do you know any countries not as far away as the ones I tried that are easier lobbies on warzone?
  5. I've just woke up mate and gone to do what you said but the first time I click force update it's actually worked this time lol.
  6. Nope, no problem with the VPN off apart from ping heatmap not downloading from the cloud which basically means I cannot use ping heatmap. I tried Egypt, Afghanistan, India And I’m in the UK.
  7. No matter which VPN I use on HybridVPN, when I try to launch Warzone on my PS4 I get a PlayStation notification 'I cannot connect to the server' then it doesn't even let me get on Warzone at all and I get a message on warzone 'Unable to access online services'
  8. @Netduma Fraser I've now tried the steps you said in Edge, Firefox and Chrome and all giving me the exact same results... won't sync the cloud.
  9. So it did the exact same when I clicked the dropdown menu and then resync cloud, just done a reboot from DumaOS and it's still doing the same, asking me to update cloud, then saying it's taking a while and then doing nothing but the spinning circle loading symbol.
  10. Hi again Fraser, I'm on the new firmware now but when I go to ping heatmap I'm getting 'Cloud data has not been downloaded. Make sure you have an internet connection and click FORCE UPDATE.' I click force update then then it says it's taking too long after like 30 seconds.
  11. I pay for 350 down and 40 up bud. Doing everything you said now.
  12. Basically the title is my question, will you get a better wired connection on a PS5 compared to a PS4 or not?
  13. Cables are cat8. Yeah PS4 speed test isn’t as good as one on a computer but just look at the difference? It goes from 300 down to 1 as soon as I plug another ethernet into the netduma. The android box isn’t even turned on.
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