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  1. I draw boxes around the servers that I am willing to connect to. I notice that anything above 50 ms ping in warzone will give me heavy ping fluctuations (ping spiking between 50-250 ms ping with heavy rubber banding) and packet burst. When I connect to the lower ping servers, the packet burst is nearly non-existent.
  2. I've noticed this with PS4 as well, and I've attributed it to the added loops to connect through PSN. I play on PC now, but previously would test my connection on my PS4 Pro and it would constantly be 50-60 ms ping as a best case scenario, while on the same connection with my PC I would see 15-20 ms ping.
  3. My geofiltering settings have successfully kept my ping below 20 ms on 95% of games. I have 3 available server clusters that it will let me connect to. That said, it does take me a bit of time to get into a game (usually 30-45 seconds). Hit detection/connection has been good to the point where I got my first V2 rocket the last night I played and choked another on a 27 streak.
  4. I am getting pretty significant packet burst in this game (with on demand texture streaming turned off). Anyone else? My ping to the servers is good and usually under 20 ms. However ping will randomly jump up rapidly and the game will stutter and rubber band. It seems to be affecting my bullet reg pretty badly.
  5. Is this actual packet loss (this would, be measured in the top left hand corner as packet loss %), or are you referring to the 3 orange boxes on the left, which would be packet burst.
  6. Yes, and it never gave me any issues before. For the connection benchmark, I am not sure why my speed is classified as a D rating. I have gigabit internet and it's always been A+ on other tests.
  7. Thank you for the response! Yes, I have setup QoS. Congestion control is set to Auto-Enable, Bandwidth is set to 70% of max throughput (up/down). I have allotted 30% of Bandwidth allocation (up/down) to gaming and did not change device allocation. In terms of traffic prioritization, would you recommend anything specific for Warzone/Call of Duty?
  8. I am a recent purchaser, have resync'd the cloud and have noticed that as of today, I no longer have warzone as an option. Not to mention, I have never been able to ping warzone servers. To make things worse, when playing MW multiplayer, my ping was rapidly varying between 15ms ping and 200 ms with incredible amounts of packet burst. I am not sure what changed today, but this is much worse than my ASUS GT-AX11000 at this point. Tonight was probably the worst experience I've had playing a call of duty in the past 14 years.
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