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  1. If you read the entire thread you will see I have done trouble shooting, and taken steps on multiple configurations. I'm glad you got the diamond in the rough. Maybe provide your settings. Of course no IP addresses and such, but actual page by page settings might help others with the config. I have been top to bottom and through both latest firmware. UPnP is just one of the issues on the .58 firmware. I reupdated to the .58 as of this post, instantly IPV6 settings caused havoc and all IPV6 devices dropped connection. I had to enable and disable again plus a full reboot to get them to return, and this was with IPV6 disabled on actual devices, not just router. OF course I rebooted after the firmware update. Besides IPV6, all named devices on the network went to unidentifiable again. NTP configuration changes and selects the wrong time zone, even though I set it in initial config after updating again. Mine has just been a nightmare and a headache. I don't have time to do product testing like I have for almost the last 7 days. I have done so, just to rule out any issues and to see if I am just configuring it to tight, to loose, etc. I don't game much... I more use for business purposes. Gaming is a by product, it was just the fastest router on the shelf at time of purchase. Also worthy of note, I have about 25 devices connected in variations on the 2.4, 5G, and Lan....
  2. Well, unfortunately, I am at the point of headache and other issues with the .52 firmware, that I will give it about 3 more days, and then I am returning this one. Might step down to the RAX50 unit from Netgear, or go back over to Linksys. I just cant afford to have to reboot this router everyday be-it on the 58 or 52 firmware that I have had to do so far. If you had to give me another option of model to try, any suggestions would be appreciated. If not, hope it all works out for everyone else.
  3. Connection Benchmark, and no, I use the IP Address to connect to all my peripherals, and no it still craps out. I can log in, dashboard will come up, and I can try to go to any other tab, and it will give the router disconnected message, then blank out, and reload the page, and have to log in again. I'm using Chrome Browser. They are going through a Cisco Managed Business switch. Devices had no problems displaying all information on the Linksys EA9300 in this configuration. If I go to the QoS and Traffic prioritization, all device names are searchable by name... But not on the Device Manager page. So if one screen and menu can see it, then I don't think it is the switch blocking name/IP info... Also, new situation or issue. I have probably 20 or so Static IP's configured outside of the DHCP scope. Half of those devices seem to have issues connecting to the internet for media. When I let them go DHCP and join the DHCP pool, they display internet. Most common are TV's that have internet channels such as Samsung TV's that have that option. This also leans back to the devices showing up with names in certain menus. The Lan Setup page, where I can add static IP reservations, when you click add, all devices show with there names and IP's as possible selections. As a trial, with the TV's I added the static addresses, no go on internet, I changed them to DHCP pool, no internet... Doesn't make sense. Again, all devices worked with internet right up to the point where I took the Linksys down. for the most part, I mirrored the settings over. This is seriously frustrating. I have two Home Based business, one being on the I.T Support side of things, and I have tried every trick to at least get the router stable and serving internet to all devices... Everything worked before I put this thing in. At this price I expected an awesome experience, for people have tried to get me to convert to the Nighthawk series for 6 years now... And I go get the fastest one I can afford and that was in stock, and it fails horribly. Edit: Rolled the firmware back to the .52-1.0.38 firmware, doing nothing else, no reconfiguration or change in router settings other than firmware, and all TV's internet just came up. (Could be it disabled IPV6 when it rolled back that I figured out in my next statement). UPnP has no issues enabling or disabling within this firmware. Figured out what knocks the TV's out, something to do with IPV6. No settings worked, and I tried them all. The minute IPV6 turns on, and all devices are capable of IPV6, it knocks them out like a switch. I set it back to disabled and they all come back. Also, manually setting your network speed, in my case 1GB down and 1GB up, netted me faster speeds of connectivity to the actual router, and it seemed pages loaded a little faster. Again I access them via IP addressing. Also I have noticed that 40% of named devices are now showing up in the Device Manger screen, but several are still showing unnamed device. Food for thought for your techs.
  4. Couple days in, now speed test will not run, more router drop outs right after I log in, and try to hit dashboard it kicks me out with message router no longer connected, then pops back up with login again... Reboot does not fix anything, and names in network map have still not populated...
  5. 5G is on auto. No DFS. Also updated that the Network Map has issues retrieving names or data that would show or have no problem in the competitors router.
  6. Brand new XR1000. I am so disgusted with this thing right out of the box. Slow, absolutely slow interface, the Zootopia Sloth is faster. Moved over from a Linksys EA9300/AC4000, and that thing blows the doors off of this thing. Internet speeds remained the same as in throughput of the router. One of the selling points of the Nighthawks was squeezing every last ounce of speed out of your internet connection... Initial setup took for ever to configure and understand my internet provider settings. I am on a 1GB Fiber pipe. Completely setup router before it would let me do a firmware upgrade to the .58 that is currently listed on NetGear's site to download, along with the previous .52 and others. Once updated the messages and errors started coming. I thought the firmware didn't load correctly, so I downloaded directly from NetGear's site, and updated manually. No fix. Came to this site, and the horrors of what everyone is going through just makes me sick. So I factory reset as suggested. Went through setup for the 2nd time, got to the change the internal LAN IP address, and the errors started happening again, this is like the 3rd step in configuring a router out of the box, your internal network layout and IP addressing scheme. Finally I decided to reset cache, and errors go away. However, can not enable UPnP. Initial setup 1st go round UPnP was on. Now it will not activate. I took pictures of the initial setup out of the box before resetting it for 2nd go round, made sure that configurations are mirrored, and UPnP says fly a kite and won't enable. This is my first experience with NetGear/Nighthawk routers... I'm puking in my mouth after reading this thread. I have used your switches over 20 years, including managed switches, and WIFI access points with no issues even close to this. Also, why does it take like 5 minutes for the 5GHz band to become operational after a reboot??? The 2.4 comes up after about 2-3 minutes simultaneously with the Guest 2.4, but 5GHZ seems like Joe Biden at a press conference, with the interface being the last thing to arrive... Also, randomly. the interface will display an error that the router is offline and then spin, and then come back and make me log in... its completely random. Network map also has trouble reaching any of the named data with devices that within Linksys display correctly.
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