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  1. Ok I went ahead and factory reset the r1. The Netduma R1 Router is connected to Netgear Cable modem CM500. My original thought was this problem has something to do with the DHCP because of the system logs. I changed the lease time from 12 to 24. and seemed to also slow down the problem. I changed the lease time to 168 now. I will reply again if the problem occurs again thank you.
  2. I should also mention it was doing same thing before I updated it to version 3.0.207 I thought maybe updating it would fix the problem but it didn't sadly.
  3. the wifi devices are not disconnecting from the network they are loosing internet connection and same goes for wired connection. No the connection doesn't restore itself. Yes I have to unplug the power cord and plug it back in to get internet connection again. No I cant access the DumaOS interface when it occurs.
  4. I need help fixing my r1 router. everyday or so the router will seem to loose connection to the internet. For example my iPhone will be connected to the router via Wifi and it says connected but no internet connection. I cant access the dashboard ( during this time either And the only way to fix the problem shortly is to reboot the router. Ive tryed factory reseting the router in the past and that didnt seem to work. I also tryed disabling QoS and that seemed to slow it down?
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