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  1. Hello folks, it's been like 6 month I keep lagging while playing CodMobile on my Smartphone. I literally tried every solution... from changing wifi ISP, changing 4G/5G data sim card, in Game account, VPN, changing multiple phones and so on. while playing the game it shows that my ping if 25ms. but I know it's laying because I live in Europe but I meet players from middle east, India, US and so on. I've read about Netduma R1 and I bought it hopping it will fix my issue. My game feels really weird with lack of control and very slow movements. the hits are not registered and sometime I just die with one single shot. well, this issues disappear after 11/12PM most of the time. my ISP provider is one of the best in Italy and I run the game at [120mbps/11ms ping (speedtest net)] Netduma will arrive in two days and I hope that it will work for me. do you suggest any particular setup to try? I love to hear all your thoughts about this situation. Thank you guys!
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