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  1. that would be great, currently paying for this additional service through telstra and it isn't working to its advertised potential...
  2. i noticed today that there is only US based Cold War Services on Ping Heat map now and still no Warzone.
  3. hi thanks for the reply. i tried the "Resync Cloud" but nothing changes. even rebooted everything. Its finding Cold War servers but nothing for Warzone. i noticed that Modern Warfare used to be on the list as well but is now gone. cheers, Adam
  4. Hi all, in australia with telstra game optimiser. when I use the ping heat map it used to show all the servers around the world COD Warzone. All of a sudden nothing for COD Warzone. it will find severs for Cold War though? I can play on console and PC just fine with avg 12-23 ping. But I wanted attempt to connect to other servers for fun. any ideas?
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