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  1. Ok, I havent had the following for about a week now and when I have the following geomapping i do descent place usually top 10 or better in COD warzone, but when I have the above euro server, which is usually every time I am out of the game within 1 or 2 circles closing in COD warzone. I know you said the euro server is a login server, but there are time I don't have that server. Instead the California server is up. ANd the California server gives me better games when I go through it. Yet, as I stated I am usually never on the California server it is maybe once in a great while....However, weekends I probably get the California server 1 out of every 3 or 4 games played. Any advice on how to keep the California server in the loop? THank you
  2. so where is the server I am in then? These where the only items to show up during game and other games, not same player location, but same server location.
  3. There is this server I can not deny...RAPP won't allow me to deny...it is in Europe (Attached file) I am consistently on this server and do really bad...When I get on a server in America I do very well. Help please. Cheers
  4. I have been trying to add my old router, Netgear Nighthawk R7000, as a WiFi extender to the Netduma R2. First, I tried as a repeater, but could not get the Netduma and R7000 to communicate with each other. I am assuming this was on the Netduma R2's side because the R7000 has features for both as a repeater and bridge. So then I tried setting up as a bridge, however when I did that the Netduma R2 locked up and had to do a factory reset every time I tried to bridge the R7000 to the Netduma R2. Is the Netduma R2 able to have a repeater or bridge added to it? Any suggestions? However, I have flipped the routers, so the Netgear Nighthawk R7000 is the base router and have basically used the Netduma R2 as a bridge (no WiFi: wired to Netduma R2 wired to 2 PS4s) with success. Becuase we can certainly see a difference in game play with the Geo-Filter Rapp. I know this technology will be sought after, once people experience it in their gaming situations. Thank you,
  5. Okay...that worked...interesting, but hey who said tech doesn't have a mind of its own. Cheers, Satisfied
  6. Did the original post have a solution? I just received my NetDuma R2 and installed. However, the wifi is not showing up as an option to join with any of our devices that use wifi for an internet connect. These devices include: iPhones, 1 Play Station Console, Sony internet TV box, couple of iPads, and 1 MacBook. If it hasn't been resolved, how do I return the item (NetDuma R2) Router? And I don't want to play this question/answer game. As an FYI: All hardwired lines work and work well. For WiFi have tried both mirroring and unmirroring the 2/5G networks. When unmirrored gave each a different SSID name. Tried with no encryption, and the other 2 encryption options (WPA-PKS and WPA-PKS2). Have made sure networks are broadcast. Hard reset the router twice. Have also tried to join WiFi network manually, but devices needing to use WiFi reply back "Could not find the network "PackerPower"." None of these option work. Thank you
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