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  1. Yes I stream and game on this pc. Copy that should I disable shared bandwidth as well?
  2. Sweet!! thanks whats, an optimal setup for a lag free gaming, while streaming setup? I currently disabled traffic prioritization for all devices. Qos is on always, and allocated bandwidth, to my PC. any suggestions?
  3. Having an issue, where my Netduma is receiving my internet speeds, but my pc in not. My main router is in bridge mode, all devices are connected to my Duma. My pc speeds are the same regardless if I turn off Qos, Traffic Prioritizations, I've tried resetting as well. any help would be dope!!! Think I actually see what's going on, since I didn't disable my QoS my speeds where being capped. once i disabled it, my speeds went back to normal.
  4. Solid Thanks! Assuming Heat Map will be down for a bit?
  5. Followed the mentioned steps above ^^ I seem to still be having issues resyncing the Geo-Filter Cloud.
  6. Have you updated the Warzone Server list? Ping Heatmap has been down for me for the past couple of weeks
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