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  1. Says no ipv6 address been like that since yesterday think I’m gonna give up as it’s clearly broken
  2. I can’t get any internet through my r2
  3. He asked me to disable it and I have hopefully
  4. Any update Iv done everything so far
  5. Do I need to do anything or just leave it
  6. The reset was because I couldn’t load dashboard and app was saying server error and no I did not unplug router
  7. Thanks for trying it’s still same I’m going to send it back for repair as something wrong been fine 10 months
  8. Yes tried that still same I hard reset it because it would no longer load up just got blank red screen all time
  9. It’s exactly same on my pc
  10. I hard reset my router now I can’t get past this screen on setup I can’t input values and at bottom of screen says object doesn’t support property or method ‘validate’
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