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  1. Ok I will do big big thank you, I cant live without the Duma on our internet 👍
  2. even when I plug it into the main router there is no device listed as being connected, its not even showing us as a mac address. Is there someone I can send this to to get fixed or get a replacement? the router was bought in April this year.
  3. This connection is going on and off every few seconds and I cant get on the Duma login page at all.
  4. Hello Liam There is no wifi on the router and the ethernet cable way doesnt work, I have tried 3 different cables. The power light comes on and thats it.
  5. when I trouble shoot it on my main pc it says there is no cable connected but there is, I have tried 3 different cables. these cables are working on other devices.
  6. Hello Liam No I cant get access at all. when I go to it just says there is no internet connection. I have let it sit for hours and tried again, I have even changed cables 3 times and still nothing. I havnt messed with any of the setting and it main use was to control the bandwidth to the kids.
  7. Hello first post I need help with this router, initially we thought we had no internet connection but it turns out the R2 just isn't working at all. We cant log into it from any pc, I have directly connected it to my laptop and it does nothing, I have also tried the reset button. I bought this new in April, any ideas? If this is faulty who do I return it to? Thanks in advance.
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