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  1. I’m not using filtering mode for dead by daylight, I’ve used it before but it made no difference because I can’t force low ping servers since there aren’t any, most servers I play on are located in Europe and I’m in the Middle East.
  2. I did disable qos, saw a bit of improvement but haven’t tested fully. I’m not using VPN at all. Still it’s not a better experience for me it’s actually worse. I don’t know what settings I can change, I’m playing two games Warzone and dead by daylight. I have issues with both. Dbd I used to be at the highest rank, when I installed net Dina my performance went to the gutter less than a week ago, I’m so frustrated because I don’t know why it’s just not the same. I feel slowing ping is slightly higher but my performance is way worse, in this game there’s a high skill gap so I can easily see this issue.
  3. Replying on the last part, why have all devices on the network would help with ping? as I’ve said before I have a separate internet connection (fiber) only for gaming that I only connect netduma router on, before that it was an Asus router. Increased ping only happened on R2
  4. do I need traffic prioritization for better experience. The issue is I have higher ping than usual, used to be 130ms on asus now it’s 160ms. The issue isn’t with the servers because I play with my friend who has a consistent 140ms on most games. can I have the prioritization rules for Xbox series x? What can I use
  5. Yes only for my Xbox. In game ping not geo-filter. On the web page it shows pings as low as 20-40ms where in game it’s 160ms. auto congestion setup doesn’t change from %100 while testing it just tests once maybe twice without changing anything
  6. I’m using netduma R2 for my Xbox series x, 10mb down and up. My connection is only for gaming and using only one device. What settings should I use: do I benefit from using qos or congestion control? should I use DMZ even if I have open Nat when I auto setup congestion control the ideal= Down and up pings and it doesn’t change anything on % sliders. im located in the Middle East so I connect to closest servers in Europe usually giving me a ping of 160ms while using R2 and 130ms before when I was using my ASUS.
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