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  1. I have tried changing my DNS settings, UPnP on and off, port forwarding, Games Console Enabled/Disabled, VPN
  2. From testing I've done the Chicago server offers the least amount of latency. Most of the time i have to expand the radius out to include Dallas and Atlanta or just turn off the geo-filter in order to find games. I have tested just setting the geo-filter to both Dallas and Atlanta but it doesn't make a difference i just get higher ping. Yes all devices are connected to the XR500 and i turned everything off to test so just my computer and Playstation were running. I have tried a VPN but since I'm on PS5 there isn't really a good way to use a VPN from what i can find. I signed up for express VPN and used their MediaStreamer DNS which didn't work. I downloaded the app on my computer and shared my internet connection with my PS5. I was able to use the VPN to connect to different servers all over New York, Dallas, Seattle but still had the high latency spikes. I also attempted to use their OpenVPN and setup the VPN directly on my XR500 but that didn't work and when I contacted them they said the XR500 wasn't compatible with their OpenVPN file setup.
  3. Sorry I may not of explained it very well. I was referring to my ping during the download portion of the Connection Benchmark test. I don't have any downloads running in the background while I'm playing games. I only have one game currently on my PS5 so any game updates happen over night. It really seems like with QoS enabled my bandwith is still getting maxed out when I'm gaming even though it shouldn't be. I don't know
  4. They update while playing but I don’t know if I would say it’s rapid.
  5. My base ping from my ISP is ok. The spikes only happen when I start gaming. Which leads me to believe it has something to do with my setup. My ISP also won't accept PingPlotter results showing a problem they will only accept a Trace Route done directly to the modem.
  6. I have some rules setup based on things i have read in other forum posts.
  7. No my ping is unstable in game and if I run PingPlotter at the same time I see the spikes. I’m playing on a PS5 and running PingPlotter on my Mac both are hardwired to my XR500.
  8. I’m trying to troubleshoot what I think is a bufferbloat problem. I have QoS enabled and set at 70/70. Idle everything works great but as soon as I start gaming I start getting large ping spikes. 200+ and when I run the connection benchmark test my upload ping always spikes way up but idle and download are good. Can anyone help troubleshoot this problem?
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