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  1. What's DMZ? How can I do this for my xbox? Because my NAT type has always been moderate in game.
  2. Actually never mind, I found the resync button but after resyncing cloud, it's still not pinging any servers.
  3. Oh nice! How do I do that?
  4. I'm currently experiencing this same issue. Getting 0 successful pings and 34 failed. Been like this for the past 4 days or so.
  5. So I've disabled QoS and so far I have been able to use the apps successfully. I had "gaming" under download at 75% and "livestream" under upload at 75% since I stream daily on twitch. What do you suggest I have these set to if anything?
  6. I just tried that but I'm getting the same issue
  7. I don't have ad blocker on. The router is sitting behind my monitor with the wires going behind my desk down to the surge protector.
  8. So I tried what you suggested and I also changed the channels for both 2.4 and 5ghz frequencies but I’m still getting the same issues for some reason.
  9. I’ll give that a try and let you know. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for sending it up, I did get response. So my issue is with the wifi. Sometimes webpages on my devices such as our phones load slowly and certain apps don’t load at all unless I turn wifi off. I really like the router and would like to keep it but these issues are kinda troublesome. I attached a couple photos with examples of what I’m experiencing.
  11. I sent an email to [email protected] about an issue but I haven’t gotten a response yet.
  12. Yes, I’ve been copying and pasting what’s in the log file from the 2nd to last pic I uploaded here. So, if that’s not the configuration file I need, I’m unclear as to where to find it so I can copy and paste it into hybrid vpn.
  13. So I tried connecting without being connected on nolagvpn’s end but it still didn’t work.
  14. I have. I just copied and pasted everything in the pic. I’ll try doing it without being connected thru the program and keep you posted.
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