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  1. There seems to have been a remote access allowed today also.. not from my ip I have deselected the open ports option but feel like anyone has had time to ‘infect’ my system. What should I do to FULLY secure my network at this point!?
  2. I feel like despite the slight benefits this router has for one person in game it’s looking to be rather detrimental to our network 😞 Does the log above mean it was blocked, or just detected and allowed as the Nat was set to open?
  3. Ok so I think the geo filter is working, kind of.. still seems allow servers and players outside from the fence tho, and if I set the fence to just the uk despite being a server here it cannot connect to anything without ping assist on at 25ms or include a slither of France, then it connects to mid France 😕 also now a second pc has been added to the network but only one pc can play cod at a time.. The second get unable to connect to servers. my main concern is constant dos attacks, is a this why games feel worse than before the router?
  4. I did have to allow an icon in Holland area to enable discord chat..
  5. I sure will, but I’m not home for a few hours 😕 I managed to get a little further with the Nat last night, it’s now open on one pc.. will update later with a pic of geofilter. Thanks!
  6. ok so i have inserted the wan ip into the sky dmz. i am playing on PC but when i choose call off duty(pc) to setup a filtered(?) device it does not work, if i select playstation as my device type i can get very limited info showing up on the geofilter, but game searches fail or i get an error message from call of duty servers 😞 i have tried using both modes on the filter but perhaps im missing something here idk. traffic has been favoured to my pc, everything else has been restricted as much as possible without killing it entirely..
  7. im going to double check as much as possible i am doing the right changes, hopefully its useful to someone later.. i assume the dos attacks are not good.. is this safe
  8. i couldnt seem to get the geofilter to work correctly for cold war, i have the qos setup ok i think. and despite trying to gain an open nat type its just moderate regardless of what ports i open. i am going to factory reset both devices and start again. will update shortly. thanks for the reply
  9. Hi all, could anyone help me get my new xr1000 working correctly please, it is currently running through our crappy sky q router with WiFi turned off.. is there a guide for this combination? I do know there is no bridge mode.. or can anyone give me a rough idea what must and must not be altered, and on which device.. it’s not my first rodeo but I think I have something messed up as games are laggy, I struggle to connect and in honesty it’s worse than before 😞 Really don’t want another cost for a modem, not that I can seem to find one suitable for less than £120.. which takes the xr1000 over the cost of competing units which have built in everything. i assume if I can resolve the setup the geo filter will work also? Any help welcome! Thanks (firmware has been updated)
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